Pedro Porro opens for the first time with something very personal


It is often difficult for footballers to open up and reveal personal aspects, but sometimes they ‘bare’ themselves by revealing their most well-known stories to the media. He made a case Pedro Porro (24), player of Tottenhamwho in a long interview with the ‘Daily Telegraph’ said something that almost everyone does not know and that marked him: the death of his best friend, Mohammed.

The couple met when they were five years old and were inseparable from the start, walking to school every day and playing after. “We met in Don Benito, a town in Badajoz, my hometown, where he and his family moved from Morocco in search of a better future. The best friendships are those born of spontaneity, and that’s our case,” The former Sporting Club player begins.

“We lived nearby and one day he knocked on my door. He introduced himself, we went to school together and from then on and during those years we were inseparable. We played all the time: in the school yard and on the street. Then time separated us. “I started to devote myself professionally to football and I had to go to Madrid, Girona, Valladolid, Lisbon and now London.”

Mohammed’s family could not afford the repatriation costs from Spain to Morocco and Porro decided to cover those costs. “I recently found out that he is sick. He has a tumor on his kidney that has spread to his head. Everything happened very quickly. I did not have time to say goodbye to him but I discovered that his family, who returned to Morocco, could not afford the expenses on repatriation and I offered to help with whatever was needed. Now I know he is at peace with his family.”

Source: La Verdad


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