Illegal entry – smuggler leads police on wild chase


The handcuffs clicked on a 23-year-old in Carinthia on Sunday evening. He tried to bring seven illegal people across the border.

The driver of a car with Polish license plates on the Seebergsattel simply ignored border control and continued driving on Sunday evening. The police immediately gave chase and were able to overtake the initially unknown man at the Paulitschsattel intersection.

But the driver didn’t think twice about stopping, was able to avoid all roadblocks and continued his journey on the B 85 towards Ferlach. “The driving style of the fleeing driver was extremely risky; he drove in winding lines and cut corners,” is how the police describe the incident, which was not without danger.

Escaped on foot
The man pushed the patrol cars away. But suddenly he lost control of the vehicle and drove off the road in Unterferlach. He continued to flee on foot, but was caught and arrested.

It turned out to be a Moldovan citizen. There were seven people who entered the country illegally in the 23-year-old’s car. He is suspected of smuggling and hit and run. Two patrol cars were damaged during the chase. No one was injured.

Source: Krone


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