Escape at 100 km/h – chase ends in the forest: driver flees


A wild chase took place in Kreuzbergl in Klagenfurt on Sunday evening. A motorist raced through the city at more than 100 km/h and then fled into the forest with his passengers.

A 20-year-old alerted the police on Sunday evening to a car that was not registered for traffic in Klagenfurt. The exhaust noise was too loud and the patrol asked the Klagenfurt resident to stop. But the young man ignored this and instead accelerated the vehicle. Running towards Kreuzbergl at a speed of more than 100 km/h.

Chase into the forest
The chase began. But the man from Klagenfurt ended up at a dead end, left the car and fled on foot into the forest with his passengers – a 29-year-old from Villach and a 17-year-old from the Villach Land district. However, the two lost contact with the driver and then called 911.

The two were only arrested shortly afterwards. But there was no trace of the steering wheel. According to the police, the investigation into this is still ongoing.

Further investigation revealed that license plates from another vehicle had been attached to the vehicle, these had been secured and the car had been secured from further travel.

Source: Krone


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