Spain won team silver at the European Cross Country Championships


Brussels showed a big mud to celebrate his European Cross Country that the organization decided to remove the obstacles a few hours before the start because they considered the athletes to be punished enough. And in the midst of all the mud, the Spanish representatives of the full event won a highly popular team silver, after surviving the conditions to which they were not accustomed as the representatives of other countries found in the north.

Irene Sánchez-Escribano He was the team leader and the only finisher in the top eight (8th) in a race he dominated to his heart’s content. Karoline Grovdal. The Norwegian secured his triple continental crown and was just one win away from the Turkish’s all-time record. Yasemin Can including four. Grovdal had no rival, he escaped and none of the contestants could come close to his speed. Only the Italian Nadia Barttocletti -current U-23 champion- shyly dared to follow the Norwegian, but had to settle for second place with great merit.

“Mud is not made for my legs. We saw this last year and the same happened this year. “Now, when I see my classmates upstairs, I just think of pushing them as hard as I can from behind,” he said. Martha Garcia, which should be a priori the main reference for the Spanish team. The woman from Palencia had to settle for 36th position on a very muddy circuit where she could not adapt in the best way. Cristina Ruiz is about to break into the top ten (13th), Carolina Robles is 16th, Cristina Espejo 35th and Martha Perez the 46th.

Spain, bronze in men’s U-20

The youngest of the Spanish delegation secured the first medal of the day with a solid team bronze in the Under-20 category, surpassed only by Ireland and Great Britain. Ruben Leonardo He led the Spaniards to his eighth place overall, 39 seconds behind winner Axel Vang Christensen, surprising the great favorite Niels Laros at the finish line. in the back, First Naranjo ended the 15th, Alex Vives 20th, Mesfin Escamilla 27th, Sergio del Barrio 37th and Ronaldo Olivo the 46th. In the U-20 women’s race, Spain placed eleventh nationally, with María Viciosa as the team’s first classified (35th overall) 2’02 behind winner Innes Fitgerald.

Second bronze in women’s U-23

The Spanish U-23 team added the second bronze of the day for the RFEA coffers after coming third nationally, only surpassed by Great Britain and Germany. Spain ranked two athletes in the top ten, including Angela Vicious fourth was just two seconds away from going on the podium and co Maria Forero, sixth. They also add good points. Maria Gonzalez (40º), Laura Domaine (45º), Mireya Arnedillo (54th) and Martha Serrano (62nd).



No wife

1) Karoline Grovdal (NOR) 33’40

2) Nadia Battocletti (ITA) 34’25

3) Abbie Donnelly (GBR) 34’42

4) Fionnuala McCormack (IRL) 35’00

5) Jessica Judd (GBR) 35’20

8) Irene Sánchez-Escribano (ESP) 35’32

13) Cristina Ruiz (ESP) 36’00

16) Carolina Robles (ESP) 36’15

35) Cristina Espejo (ESP) 37’08

36) Marta García (ESP) 37’08

46) Marta Pérez (ESP) 37’37

Women’s countries

1) Great Britain 18

2) Spain 37

3) Belgium 38

Single man

1) Yann Schrub (FRA) 30’17

2) Magnus Tuv Myhre (NOR) 30’20

3) Robin Hendrix (BEL) 30’22

4) Hugo Milner (GBR) 30’27

5) Tadesse Getahon (ISR) 30’33

7) Abdessamad Oukhelfen (ESP) 30’40

24) Ouassim Oumaiz (ESP) 31’00

26) Fernando Carro (ESP) 31’04

43) Aaron Las Heras (ESP) 31’46

47) Sergio Paniagua (ESP) 31’51

60) Nassim Hassous (ESP) 32’30

Country Men

1) Belgium 20

2) France 26

3) Norway 32

6) Spain 57

Mixed relay

1) France 19’44

2) Netherlands 19’46

3) Great Britain 19’48

4) Italy 20’06

5) Belgium 20’15

6) Hungary 20’24

7) Poland 20’27

8) Spain 20’44


No wife

1) Megan Keith (GBR) 25’32

2) Ilona Mononen (FIN) 26’55

3) Nathalie Blomqvist (FIN) 27’06


4) Ángela Viciosa (ESP) 27’08

6) María Forero (ESP) 27’21

40) María González (ESP) 29’11

45) Laura Domene (ESP) 29’25

54) Mireya Arnedillo (ESP) 29’41

62) Marta Serrano (ESP) 30’33

Women’s countries

1) Great Britain 27

2) Germany 50

3) Spain 50

Single man

1) Will Barnicoat (GBR) 23’42

2) Valentin Bresc (FRA) 23’42

3) Matthew Stonener (GBR) 23’51

5) Miguel Baidal (ESP) 23’56

19) Mario Priego (ESP) 24’27

22) Alejandro Quijada (ESP) 24’30

30) Jaime Migallon (ESP) 24’49

37) Adam Maijó (ESP) 25’02

46) Miguel Ángel Martínez (ESP) 25’14

Country men

1) Great Britain 25

2) France 34

3) Norway 42

4) Spain 46


No wife

1) Innes Fitgerald (GBR) 18’19

2) Sofia Thogersen (DEN) 18’38

3) Jade Le Corre (FRA) 18’49

35) María Viciosa (ESP) 20’21

43) Blanca Batlle (ESP) 20’33

48) Amber Tomas (ESP) 20’39

63) Xela Martínez (ESP) 21’31

65) Ruth Martí (ESP) 21’42

Women’s countries

1) Great Britain 22

2) Germany 34

3) Sweden 37

11) Spain 126

Single man

1) Axel Vang Christensen (DEN) 16’09

2) Niels Laros (NED) 16’10

3) Nicholas Griggs (IRL) 16’24

8) Rubén Leonardo (ESP) 16’48

15) Unai Naranjo (ESP) 16’55

20) Aleix Vives (ESP) 17’00

27) Mesfin Escamilla (ESP) 17’17

37) Sergio Del Barrio (ESP) 17’34

46) Ronaldo Olivo (ESP) 17’45

nations men

1) Ireland 22

2) Great Britain 24

3) Spain 43

Source: La Verdad


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