Griezmann: “Cholo called me at the office yesterday, he thought he did something wrong”


Antoine Griezmann was in charge of opening the scoring in the victory of Atlético de Madrid In front of lazio which gave the rojiblancos a pass to the round of 16 as group 16, something that hasn’t happened since the 16/17 season. At the end of the crash, he was treated Movistar.

First in the group

“Let’s see how we can get to those months and with great enthusiasm.”

Metropolitan atmosphere

“The club has tried to re-create the connection between the players and the fans and it gives us a plus, this atmosphere is incredible, which helps us, motivates us to work, run and play more”

Do they need to press better in the front? (Question by Monkey Burgos)

“You’re right, we saw it on video, something was wrong, or we left late or there were doubts… We said we’re going to push without thinking about it and in the last two games we saw the difference. “Almost everyone’s fault, forwards, midfielders, defenders… We saw it on video, you understand it better, you worked on it during the week and it came out well in the game.”

Two goals behind Luis’ record, is he the leader of the team?

“We are all leaders, I am one who thinks a lot about the team, without my teammates you will not have the level you want, without them I would not be where I am today. I have the record close, I have many desires but not crazy because the important thing is “It’s always the three points.”

Change to half an hour

“Yesterday Cholo called me to the office, he thought he did something wrong and we talked and he told me he was only going to play 45 minutes.”

Possible rivals

“We don’t care about anyone else, we want to see who we can get, the important thing is to be in the round of 16 and have joy at home when it’s our time.”

Source: La Verdad


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