Sarri: “My wish is to play in the round of 16 against Barcelona”


Maurizio Sarri, Lazio coach, appeared in the media after losing 2-0 to Atlético de Madrid in a match where it was not easy. His team qualified as second for the round of 16 of the Champions League.

Spanish teams in the round of 16

“No, in my whole career I have not played against Barcelona. My wish is to play against Barcelona. It hurts me that he plays in another stadium, but when I have to play.


“Four scoring chances. We also create opportunities if this does not materialize, it depends on the level of evil in the opponent’s mind. This rival has a high level. He also has a high level of thinking. At these levels we lack displacement.”

Match rating

“Like every game, you are not satisfied with the performance of some players. Going to this stage and creating four scoring chances is something I did not expect. Atlético scored and we did not beat the rival. The Atlético’s offensive quality is at a high level, but compared to previous years they have conceded more.”

winter market

“I asked the players in June. It’s a social problem. Let’s see what they will decide. The impact of the first ten minutes of the first and second half was good for the team.

Battle strategy

“We know how Atlético play. This system in 5-3-2, we know that it becomes four because Molina is lower. We know his movements. We stayed behind. We had difficulty getting close to the pressure. We wanted to have of a balanced game. We wanted to accept a match in the open field. With a game like that, we lost immediately.”

Source: La Verdad


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