Ceferin: “I hope they have a good competition with only two clubs”


UEFA spoke this Thursday following the decision of the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) regarding the Super League. The CJEU noted that UEFA and FIFA abused their “dominant position” in their action against the creation of the controversial football Super League by threatening the dozen clubs involved in the project with sanctions.

Aleksander Ceferin, president of UEFAhas again been forceful on the possibility of the Super League becoming a reality, underestimating the commitment of Real Madrid and Barça and emphasizing the union of all European clubs.

“They can create whatever they want. I hope they have a good competition with only two clubs,” Ceferin launched, while sending a message to Super League promoters: “I’m not sure if Madrid and Barcelona know what they’re doing. Football is not for sale.”

The UEFA president appeals for unity and advocates for a common front of “football-loving” fans against the Super League. “People who love football, don’t worry. If you like football you have to align with it. We talked about opening to different competitions.” And taking advantage of the upcoming Christmas holidays, he made a comparison: ‘‘Under the tree you have to put a real football, as it should be.’

Regarding the rule of justice in Europe, Ceferin explained that “we see the decision as an opportunity to improve some rules. But football remains united, so all interested parties speak together. There is a marked contrast between the summary of ECJ press and the decision itself. The decision is really positive” .

The UEFA president took advantage of his appearance to charge again against the Super League project: “If you care about football you have to be affected by it, I received over 200 text messages. In this room we often disagree, we talk about a lot of different things, sometimes we agree and sometimes we disagree, but when it comes to talking about the opening of the competition, we all are in complete agreement. So I feel, the A22, as Christmas approached, they saw a big box. “They were very happy, but when they opened the box they saw that it was completely empty.”

J.Avier Tebas, president of LaLiga, and another of those who appeared at the press conference offered by UEFA to assess the historic decision of the European justice system, which gives hope to establish the Super League, began by reaffirming. “My total support for UEFA and the decision of the European justice system, which does not represent recognition of the Super League, as they say there. “This is manipulation,” he stressed.

Tebas recalled that “UEFA has been in charge for 69 years and we must respect what it does. It adapts to the needs of football. The proposed Super League is not an open competition, It is very similar and more closed than the one announced in 2019, which the football world has already rejected. National leagues can only access the last category,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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