Aston Villa equalized in the 97th minute but squandered a chance to go to sleep at the top of the Premier League


He Aston Villa He salvaged a point on Friday thanks to a goal in the 97th minute of the game, but at the same time he wasted the opportunity to sleep as the leader of Premier League. The one in Unai Emery They have everything to put themselves in first place in the English championship, as to do so they only need to win at home against Sheffield United, a team installed in the relegation positions, but they did not overcome the tie (1-1); and thank you anyway.

Isn’t the Aston Villa a team that desperately needed the ball to hurt the rival and this time they had to enjoy possession so much that they even felt uncomfortable with it. Up to 80% of them were satisfied with the passiveness of a Sheffield United that arrived at Villa Park counting down the minutes remaining until the final whistle and reached it with the sweet taste of a point as a reward that sometimes tripled. It is not worth giving up the positions they were sent for championshipbut it can ultimately be the key to avoiding that rejection.

As for scoring opportunities, except for a final stage where the game was disguised as a round trip, they were conspicuous by their absence. For the first time, he marked Leon Bailey for him Aston Villa in the 59th minute of the game in the second game after a corner kick, but before Ramsey could touch the hand of Foderinghamgoalkeeper of Sheffield Unitedand the referee, at the request of the VAR, disallowed the goal.

The first worthwhile goal is archerformer of Aston Villawho scored in the 87th minute by taking advantage of good service in the area from a Hammer which used to slip between the lines. He didn’t celebrate much archer developed into ‘villains’ this time for the people of Birmingham. And that in added time, when it seems that the Astonvillelost its home undefeated status Premier, Zaniolo tied by entering a net service in the penalty area Douglas Luiz (97′). It was celebrated, of course, but not forgetting the fans of Aston Villa that when the match begins the expectation is to achieve victory to look in the rearview mirror at the other championship teams.

Be that as it may, in 2023 Aston Villa of Unai Emery It remains for framing. He did not sleep as leader but he has the license to continue dreaming of fighting for the title until the end. Although to do this he could not allow contractions like he experienced before the Sheffield United this Friday.

Source: La Verdad


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