The keys to the Mugello race


The keys to the Mugello race

1. The state of asphalt.

Forecasts call for rain until 9 a.m. tomorrow, so during the race the ground should be dry. Hopefully, because otherwise we will see the small theater of Q2 again, where a result is given that bears no resemblance to the reality of the category.

2. The reorganization of the career.

It is more than foreseeable that the three riders from the front row will not be the main characters of the race, so in the early part of it there should be a “natural rearrangement”, which will generate a lot of overtaking and is consequently dangerous. situations.

3. The Ducati wall.

Five Ducati in the top five position. Fabio Quartararo, Aleix Espargaro, starting in the back, will have a job to break, unless they take advantage of the start to catch up with one of them.

4. Quartararo “posas”.

He was the winner of this race last year and has already landed in Italy as the champion of the championship, but tomorrow the French rider is tied to the hand and foot of a bicycle beating up to 10 km/h on the long Mugello straight.

5. The physical condition.

The constant change of direction with the gas that characterizes the Mugello layout means that, in addition to being the most technical at the World Cup, it is also one of the most physically demanding. In recent years we have seen drivers end up racing completely exhausted, especially beginners.

Source: La Verdad


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