Puig: "From pilot to pilot, Marc does the right thing"


“We have an announcement to make. As you can remember 18 months ago, Marc had his last surgery on his right humerus in Madrid and has since been a lengthy rehabilitation process with his medical team in Madrid, the doctors Antuña and Cotorro who worked for him. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough. ” This is how Repsol Honda team manager Alberto Puig began his intervention after an extraordinary call for a press conference in Mugello.

The team manager gave the keys to what they observed in Marc Márquez. “His position on the bike is still not exactly to ride as he wants and reach his expectations and after discussing the situation with the doctor and consulting with another group at the Mayo Clinic yesterday we received the call that an intervention could perform immediately because the bone is ready. We decided yesterday that it can be done and so he will stop competing shortly after this Grand Prix and undergo this intervention in the United States “, Puig admitted that” last year there was We’re having a fourth operation., but the arm isn’t ready enough. “

Puig wanted to highlight the effort Marc made at this time. “Thank you for his effort because he worked hard but it will come at the right time. We want to think about 2023 and when the operation is over they will tell us how the situation is. In difficult situations the goal is the courage that Marc gives us of all to continue the struggle. “

Puig, who knows firsthand what it means to deal with the aftermath of a major injury, acknowledges that “the important thing is that you do the right thing. Marc is young and has a long way to go in careers and he has the desire and when the bike suffers, it doesn’t matter to him.We take the risks, but if the limit is too great and it prevents you from thriving, the moment is right.If you look at it carefully, we are looking at the future and it has to be now and from rider to rider it’s the right thing to do. ” .

Marc’s replacement during his absence will once again be tester Stefan Bradl. “We won’t know the timing until the doctor operates on Marc. At halftime we’ll use our tester. At his level he knows the bike and he can race with this bike, these aren’t bikes you can leave behind. “Anyone, it’s complicated with a lot of controls and you have to understand how it works”.

Source: La Verdad


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