"I bet against Real Madrid in every round and it kept my mouth shut"


Ferdinand RiverEnglish football legend, is confident that real Madrid win the fourteenth European Cup this Saturday and believe it is “written” that they need to win it.

“I trust Real Madrid. With my heart, with my head, with everything. I think it’s written that they have to get it. I’ve bet against them in every round and they’ve shut my mouth, so I’m going to go with them at least once, ”he said Ferdinand in one of the ‘fan zones’ of Paris.

“They have already beaten Chelsea, Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester City, against all of them I thought I would lose. This time, I will go to Madrid,” said the former the Man Utdwho now acts as a television commentator in Britain.

“One of the keys is that Courtois is good”

“One of the keys for Madrid to win this is that Courtois is well, he is going to be the difference between the two teams. He is going to prevent Liverpool from scoring and Madrid, sooner or later, will score,” he explained. Ferdinand.

Source: La Verdad


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