This is the electoral calendar for the RFEF presidency


Yesterday was Monday RFEF announced its draft electoral regulations that the 139 current Members of the Assembly can now claim before referring to CSD for your approval. When you see the approval of the government, that is when the electoral process begins for a Assembly which will consist of 143 members, 3 more than the present and will be distributed as follows: 1 ex-officio president, 19 territorial members, 123 elected. Of the 123 to be selected, there will be 49 clubs (20 of them professional and 29 non-professional), 32 players (13 professional and 19 amateur), 11 referees, 16 coaches, 12 futsal and 3 beach soccer

An electoral process, according to the calendar proposed by RFEF; will begin on March 15 with the publication of the electoral census in addition to the constitution of the governing and electoral commission

Three days later, the last day to submit candidates for Assembly and the 22nd will be an important day because that day ends the deadline to challenge the act of calling elections before the Sports Administrative Courthe TAD.

On March 24, the application for voting by mail ends and April 5 is the last day to submit candidacies to the General Assembly. April 16 is an important day because that day is when they plan to announce the candidacies for the General Assembly; three days before the last day for voters to vote by mail.

Presidential candidates will have 24 hours to present themselves

The 26th of this month of April will be very important because it is the date of the election of members in Assembly simultaneously at the RFEF headquarters from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm

On April 5 the battle for the presidency will begin because on that day the call will begin so that candidates can present themselves with the 21 endorsements they are asking for according to 15% of the Assembly’s representation. They barely have 24 hours to make their candidacy official. And according to the criteria established by the Regulation:

“Any person, Spanish and of legal age, who is not disabled or unfit can be a candidate for the Presidency.”

In the case of the Delegated Commission, the deadline to present itself will end on May 22 before the big event on May 24, which will be the election of the City of Football. On that day, with all the planned resources involved, we will meet the future president until 2028 in RFEF.

Source: La Verdad


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