Pacheco: “It’s time to hit the table”


Pacheco: “It’s time to hit the table”

He spanishalthough suffering, achieved victory over I raised last weekend, and will visit Racing de Santander tomorrow (9:00 pm). In the blue and white locker room they want to continue on the path of success, as stated this Thursday Fernando Pacheco at a press conference. “It’s hard for everyone to win. The team that achieves two-three victories goes the distance and that is what we want. “It’s time to hit the table,” the goalkeeper said.

Espanyolismo is really concerned to see that their team has not just escaped the table, and in the locker room they know that only through victories will they be able to reconnect with the people and end their discontent . “We understand people’s frustration. We know what club we’re at and what we’re playing for and that’s where we have to figure out how to manage that tension. You have to put a lot of heart into football but you also have to keep your heart rate low. We will give our best. “It’s in our power to reconnect with fans,” he explained. Pacheco.

On matchday 26 which starts this Friday, the spanish are in the ‘playoff’ zone and can access direct promotion positions depending on the result of The Sardinero and other parties. “The way is to win. We lack composure and maturity and victories give you that. “Sometimes we want to win the game in the 20th minute. I feel that at times we have played good football but at other times the desire to achieve victory has turned us away,” he concluded. Fernando Pacheco.

Source: La Verdad


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