A record million for Djokovic, Nadal and Alcaraz at the 6 Kings Slam in Saudi Arabia


Saudi Arabia organizes the Next Gen ATP Finals, the under-21 ‘masters’ tournament (from 2024 limited to under-19s). It also hosted an exhibition match last December between Serbian Novak Djokovic and Spanish Carlos Alcaraz. Recently, the country’s tennis federation announced that Rafael Nadal He will be its ambassador.

Among the goals of this country, to win the Masters 1000 ATP and WTA tournament, to gain weight in the official professional calendar. And, if necessary, there is even the idea of ​​becoming the main sponsor of a new, more selective Tour, with the main figures of the racket gathered in an exclusive circuit in the style of LIV that has excited the world of golf , with the latest star signing Jon Rahm.

The new Saudi move is to announce the 6 Kings Slam tournament, for October, in the middle of the ATP season. This limits the range of dates, the exhibition competition days, but the poster will be the dream of any tennis event.

Novak Djokovic, 24 Grand Slam titles, Rafa Nadal (22) and Carlos Alcaraz (2), in front, but also the recent winner of the Australian Open, the Italian Jannik Sinnerthe Russian Daniel Medvedevwho has the US Open under his belt, and the Danish Holger Runethat history does not host anything ‘great’, even the final, at this moment.

The Shanghai Masters 1000 ATP ends on October 14. It can be a bridge to Europe, after going through Saudi Arabia.

Millions will be the reward. The British media The Telegraph, relying on a source from the event, mentioned that the participation fee is at least one and a half million dollars for each of the tennis players. About 1.4 euros.

The best is to pocket 6 million dollars, about 5.5 euros. A prize more than double the heels of a Grand Slam champion.

Jannik Sinner He won 3,150,000 Australian dollars, about two million euros, in Australia. This is the ‘big one’ with the least reward. The US Open reached 2.7 million in 2023, the highest number of the season.

The ATP Finals in Turin 2023 has reserved $4,801,500 for an undefeated champion, over five matches. Novak Djokovic, who lost a match in the group stage, received a check for $4,411,500. Also less than what the new 6 Kings Slam will award.

Source: La Verdad


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