A young prodigy of a tennis player father and mother with a Grand Slam title


Although the main attention is focused on the dispute at the Australian Open in Melbourne, some racket specialists, especially those related in one way or another to grassroots tennis, look to the French town of Tarbes, which every January hosting the tournament Les Petits As.

A sub-14 with its champions Rafael Nadalwhich recently spread the image of a Murcian double formed in this event Carlos Alcaraz and the danish Holger Rune. It is one of the most prestigious competitions among men and women who aspire to become professionals one day.

“He’s a great dad! I love training him. The upside is he knows my limits. He knows when to push me and when I need to take a breather,” explained a recently turned 13-year- old girl in the French agency AFP , who attracted the attention of those in the know because she shows potential, but the interest generated by the figure of her father is greater.

His father is now a coach, because he is Japanese Kei Nishikori He won Les Petits as a child. The first experience of the eldest daughter, of the two she has, ends in the round of 16 against the person who will win a few days later.

Due to age, a normal fact. His father knew this very well, having a lot of experience on the subject of child wonders. Ever since he was young, he rubbed his shoulders Pete Sampras, Jim Courier or Andre Agassi. At 17 he gave a big surprise by winning the final at Roland Garros.

In 1989 he became a martyr Ivan Lendl with their serving spoons, below, to combat spasms. Short, 1.75 meters tall, but quick and a demon of strategy. He became the youngest champion in Paris, defeated Stefan Edberg.

He played in three more Grand Slam finals, during the great competition, the golden age of USA tennis. At 51 years old Michael Chang watch the steps of Lani Chang.

“I am always proud of her, no matter the result. It is important at these ages that they enjoy what is their passion,” Michael tells AFP.

In the world of tennis, his relationship with his countryman also developed. Amber Liu, who also competed in Les Petits As. He did not have much success in the professionals. The marriage began on October 18, 2008. After Lani arrived (December 9, 2010). emailborn in February 2013.

Lani Chang is on the agenda of the tennis universe, for sure Yevgeny Kafelnikov, whose name and surname are reminiscent of a Grand Slam champion and world No. 1 his father. It also appeared in Tarbes.

Source: La Verdad


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