Clubs do not understand the Government’s position on the Super League issue


Club presidents and directors The league They expressed their disagreement that only the Spanish Government did not sign the joint declaration, signed by 26 of the 27 EU countries, on a sporting model based on solidarity, sporting merit and the social impact of sport.

Manuel Vizcaino, Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, Delfí Geli and Jeff Luhnow, presidents of Cádiz, Alavés, Girona and Leganés, respectively, have expressed themselves in this sense in the last few hours, with the general directors of Betis, Ramón Alarcón; Villarreal, Fernando Roig; Osasuna, Fran Canal; and Las Palmas, Patricio Viñayoaccording to statements issued by The league.

The text of the informal declaration, proposed by the French government and signed on the 7th on the eve of the Congress of UEFA in Parisdoes not explicitly mention the Super League, but advocates a sporting model based on unity, sporting merit and the social impact of sport.

The government of Spain decided to resign from the company for “being subject to the Super League case” and proposed to hold a formal meeting on the European sports model, once the decision on ‘Super League Case’that the trial will be held on March 14.

The Spanish executive conveyed to the member countries that the model of sports in Europe must always respond to the law of Europe and the member countries, as well as to the resolutions of Court of Justice of the European Union and other competent jurisdictional bodies.

Manuel Vizcainopresident of Cádiz: “I will say Pedro Sánchez Let him listen to Spanish football, let him listen to street football. I invite him to come to Cádiz and explain to him what it means for us, for Spanish football, for teams like Cádiz, that meritocracy is covered by football, that we all have the same opportunity. “I have the right, the people of Cádiz and the Cádistas have the right to dream of one day entering the European competition and fighting for it, as other teams have done, like Sevilla.”

Ramón Alarcón, CEO of Betis: “I have a misunderstanding, I don’t understand how a statement where they are talking about unity in football, meritocracy, that is, we must participate in Europe if we win on the playing fields, equal distribution of rights… ” I think all of us who go to football confirm this one hundred percent.”

Alfonso Fernández de Trocóniz, president of Alavés: “I think it is a very good declaration and it is surprising that the Government of Spain has not signed it, because it is a declaration that is based on the principles that are in what sport is, the essence of sport itself. what most all clubs, or most clubs in the league, have said publicly.

Fernando Roig Negueroles, executive director of Villarreal: “When there are 27 countries and 26 agree on something and one does not, well I suppose the wrong one will be the one that is the only one that is the only one that does not do it, right? I believe that the competitions have to all based on sporting merits and that the Spanish Government should join the other 26”.

Fran Canal, general director of Osasuna: “I think we have to ask the Spanish Government with restraint to reconsider its position, to listen to all the clubs that at this moment in Spain we are very clear about the idea that we are pursuing, that the project is doing of the Super League. “That he listens to the national leagues of all his countries, that he listens to other European governments and that he considers that he cannot remain alone and isolated.”

Delfí Geli, president of Girona: “Our position has been clear from day one. It is surprising that the Government is not on board with the majority of Spanish LaLiga football clubs and we have always defended that merits are earned day by day, season by season, and all clubs have right with the possibility to fight to be in the European competition”.

Patricio Viñayo, general director of Las Palmas: “A government that is conscious of social elevation, that is, without castes where there is a private preserve for an elitist version of sport, it is inconsistent that it does not sign something that the rest of the Europe is crying out. because they are listening to the spirit and feelings of its citizens”.

Jeff Luhnow, president of Leganés: “The national competition is key to the future of football and anything that destroys the national competition is harmful to the sport and to everyone. I believe that we are a humble club, we have a chance to possibly go back to the First Division again and ” If removed them the chance to play in Europe one day, that’s… well, it’s not a good result.”

Source: La Verdad


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