Ayoub Ghadfa sees himself as having “a good chance” of qualifying for the Games


The Andalusian boxer Ayoub Ghadfato be played at the beginning of March Busto Arsizio pre-Olympic tournament (Italy)consider that you have “quite a chance” to qualify for Parisbecause he “worked very well during the preparation” and hoped “that the results will be as good.”

“I don’t want to be jinxed either Depends on each person’s draw.but many of us who are part of the team will achieve it,” he said.

Ghadfa, who is participating in a training camp in La Nucía (Alicante) with athletes “from powers like Uzbekistan or Turkey”, among other countries.

The Marbella heavyweight (+92 kilos), which has already been done history in Spanish amateur boxing with a European runner-up and a world bronzeis one of the strongest medal options that, if participating, the national team will have in Paris 2024, having already qualified for the Games José Quiles (-57 kilos) and Laura Fuertes (-50 kilos).

Grenadine Jennifer Fernández (-57 kilos) is another of the boxers who will participate in Lombardy pre-Olympic and considers “that the team has prepared a lot in this concentration with different countries” and hopes “that be one of the two finalists” who achieved qualification for the Games in March.

“I can see that I have two good options because if the door closes in Italy, there will be a pretty big window in the play-off tournament in Thailand. in May, giving four more places. No need to throw in the towel. There are strong opponents, but you have to trust in the preparation and having a good draw,” added Fernández.

Marta López del Arbol from Jaén (-54 kilos) claimed to be “pretty good” despite competing “in a new category”, because she only gained weight “from -48 kilos, but in transition”, he was “noticed faster than possible rivals”, so “the reviews were positive.

Source: La Verdad


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