Roger Guasch targets Mao Ye


Roger Guasch, who was Espanyol’s corporate general director between January 2018 and December 2019, was directly targeted That’s itpresent CEO of the blue and white team, as one of those responsible for the current moment of the parakeet entity. In his opinion, Mao, with Chinese culture, ‘strain‘ The messages which he sent to his superior, in this case, Chen Yansheng, steeped in Chinese cultural tradition.

In remarks on ‘Llobregat BiB’, Roger Guasch assured that “a hierarchically inferior or age does not send (in Chinese culture) to the superior who is wrong. If Chen Yansheng speaks English, I can deliver things directly to him without passing on to Mao Ye, who cultural filters. It’s a mistake but it is the Chinese hierarchy and it is like this“.

And another of the reasons that explain the terrible moment of the club is, in Guasch’s opinion, Chen’s decision to Turn off the investment tap. “In addition to making large investments, he made a series of decisions wrong: He doesn’t listen but the message doesn’t reach him the way it should. Not being able to talk was a huge problem. Chen is not advised by the environment of the parakeet.”

And looking ahead, Guasch is convinced that the sale of the club is safe “sooner or later”. And he added: “I like it more than 220 million in the First and in the Second it costs 125. Depending on how it goes, the sale will be negative for Rastar and will have an impact on its stock market value. So I didn’t invest more, to avoid further deficit on the day the sale closes. When you do not invest in an asset you have already decided: eventually you will sell. “I think there was a time when this sale was very close, but now any investor will wait to see where the team plays next year: there is a price for Second with a bonus in case of promotion , but buyers will be wary.”

Source: La Verdad


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