Claudio Bravo asked "respect" to those who want to retire him from the Chilean team


Claudio Bravogoalkeeper of Real Betis and captain of Chile team, asked the press in his country for “seriousness and respect”, after publishing information referring to the fact that the new coach, Toto Berizzo, does not rely on him for qualifying for the 2026 World Cup in the USA, Canada and Mexico. Claudio Bravo was injured a few weeks ago playing for Real Betis against FC Barcelona and was no longer called up for the series of international matches the Chilean team played this June.

“Eduardo Berizzo’s revolution in La Roja starts with the goal: Toto doesn’t have Claudio Bravo in mind for the 2026 World Cup Qualifiers,” Chilean digital newspaper ‘LT El Deportivo’ titled an article on Monday, which directly Claudio Bravo replied, via social networks: “More seriousness and respect. That these things (he illustrated the text with a picture of himself with the Copa del Rey won with Betis) are not given .They are achieved with a lot of work and being 100% Let time and circumstances rest, but don’t lie to the truth, ”Bravo wrote.

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The aforementioned information indicated that “according to comments to Juan Pinto Durán, Bravo’s performance has been reduced by 30%. He has less strength, physique and reflexes than before, they reveal. This is not a capricious analysis, because those are the GPS measurements of the goal in Red ”. Something the Chilean team captain also mimicked: “Wouldn’t someone want to fire me by all means 🤔 could they be more serious and professional and show that GPS measurement? Never in my entire career have I I used GPS to train and play. And even if I lost capacity as they say, they never extended my contract in Europe. LIAR! “.

Source: La Verdad


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