What is paraffin and how does it work in F1s?


The. has been started Formula 2024 preseason in Bahrain. Three full days of testing to get the cars ready for the start of the season next March 2 in the Sakhir circuit itself. We see all teams analyzing data and for this, sensors are needed to collect information. Sensors but also paraffinthat element that fills cars with colors and serves to measure aerodynamic performance of the car.

It is a paint made from a mixture of fluorescent powder, usually green or orange, with paraffin oil. The teams They put it mainly on the front wing or on the side of the pontoons to see how the wind behaves: which direction it goes and how it flows through the car.

At that speed the paint quickly slides off the surface of the car and you can immediately see where the air is swirling and see if the aerodynamic design really works as expected. That’s why in the nose part it’s very clear where the front wing sends the air. The same thing happens with the sidepods, where it is necessary for the air to help cool the vehicle and send it to the rear wing at the same time.

When it is combined with the track, it What the teams do is take pictures of the areas where the paraffin is applied and check whether the airway is perfect or not. It is important to measure the amount of paraffin applied because if it is little, the necessary amount of information is not collected.

Source: La Verdad


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