170 Etruscan tombs discovered near Florence


A remarkable archaeological discovery was recently made in the municipality of Bagno a Ripoli, in the province of Florence. During construction work on a new sports center, a necropolis with almost 170 graves was discovered.

This goes back to an ancient Etruscan community. The finds provide insight into the life of the Villanovan community, which preceded the Etruscan culture.

Graves with bodies were also found
The discovered necropolis consists of six shaft graves in which the ashes of the deceased were kept in terracotta vases and grave goods. In addition, more graves were found containing dozens of bodies.

Mirrors, combs, earrings and vases found
Among the artifacts discovered are oil lamps, personal items such as mirrors, hairpins and combs, as well as gaming pieces, dice, glass balm and gold earrings.

Fascinating insight
The representative of the city of Florence for archaeology, art and landscape explained that the tombs found covered a period of several centuries. They provide a fascinating insight into the life of the community 2,000 years ago.

Source: Krone


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