From the Canary Islands to Catalonia: CaixaBank launches the ‘Road to Paris’ with Alejandro Rojas


From the Canary Islands to Catalonia: CaixaBank launches the ‘Road to Paris’ with Alejandro Rojas

CaixaBank, official sponsor of the Spanish Paralympic Committee since 2019 and entity linked to the ADOP plan, organized this Wednesday the first stop of the ‘Road to Paris’ project. Las Palmas de Gran Canaria hosted the first event of this initiative, of which there were several the main character is the swimmer Alejandro Rojas. Manuel Afonso, territorial director of CaixaBank in the Canary Islands.

This first event, starting with a route that imitates the path of the Paralympic flame, showed the support of sports community of Gran Canaria to Alejandro Rojas. During this, the athlete emphasized that “the road will be long and the mark will be very complicated, but I will go step by step and enjoy the road, fight as usual until the end,” he said . Rojas, now participate in the Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Gameshas two Paralympic diplomas under his belt.

In this meeting, the athlete was supported by representatives of the main sports entities of Gran Canaria such as Unión Deportiva Las Palmas, the Dreamland Gran Canariathe Canarian Federation of Adapted Sports, the Canary Islands Basketball Club and the Econy Gran Canaria, among others.

Through sponsorship, the financial entity promotes cultural, social and economic development, in line with the established values ​​of social commitment. Consequently, in 2016 the entity decided to bet on Paralympic sport sponsorship to promote inclusion in sport and reaffirm its commitment to diversity. The first agreement is as the main sponsor of the Spanish Federation of Sports for People with Physical Disabilities (FEDDF), which aims to promote wheelchair basketball, both in men’s and women’s sports.

At the same time, CaixaBank is involved in school wheelchair basketball championships to reach all age groups in society. Later, in 2019, CaixaBank became the new sponsor of the Spanish Paralympic Committee. With this sponsorship, valid until the Paris 2024 Paralympic cycleCaixaBank actively collaborates with CPE, through the ADOP program, which provides scholarships aimed directly at the preparation of Spanish Paralympic athletes.

Source: La Verdad


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