Berrettini, who was plagued by controversy after their breakup, with rumors of a sex addiction


This is definitely not a good time for Matteo Berrettini. The Italian tennis player is still suffering a real test due to injuries, which have prevented him from competing normally in recent months, causing him to fall out of the top 100 in the world rankings.

To all this we must add his recent breakup with his partner, Italian model Melissa Sattawith whom he seems to have found remarkable emotional stability.

Melissa and I are no more” acknowledged the tennis player in a virtual press conference, words that opened Pandora’s box.

And as a result of that announcement All kinds of sexist comments were unleashed towards the modelwho was accused of bad timing by the former Wimbledon finalist.

The thickest thing said about the girl is “sex addict”which will cause Matteo’s physical damage.

The reason for these malicious comments are some words from Melissa herself when she was the partner of Kevin-Prince Boateng. So The model joked that the Ghanaian soccer player was injured because of too much sex.

The truth was that now he was showered with sticks, a situation that made him angry. “And here I am, again forced to assume my self-defense before the court of media inquisition, without having committed any ‘crime’, or any behavior that has the meaning of moral reprehensibility. Nothing“wrote the influencer in a publication on his official Instagram account.

“This time, the press (and I apologize to those who practice the profession of journalism with conscience, determination and preparation, if I use a term that lumps them together with those who use printed paper as a mere exercise in social obscenity), Regarding my discussed ‘breakup’, he keeps making the news more palatable to sell some printed copies or earn some clicks, calling me a ‘sex addict’.” he added.

In this publication Satta added a series of screenshots with a very strong message like “Psychological violence is just as serious as physical violence”.

Through it all, Matteo Berrettini has maintained a meticulous silence as he continues to prepare his return to the slopes., scheduled for the week of March 12 to 17 on the occasion of the Phoenix Challenger. A week later his return to the ATP circuit will come at the Miami Masters 1000.

Source: La Verdad


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