Christensen, is very bullish about his future


Andreas Christensen He is one of the footballers that the sale of FC Barcelona will generate more income because all the Barça club’s income will be capital gains because it comes free from Chelsea. In this sense, after the rumors and information that put him as one of the players that could earn Barça money, the Dane came forward in a statement given to the media in his country ‘TV 2 Sports’. “I’m not going anywhere, nothing really. I know where I came from when I signed for Barça, I’m incredibly happy and I’m thinking of nothing else but to continue here after the summer.”

Asked about the rumors of his departure, he also said that “when someone like me knows what will happen, there is total calm. The rest is just noise. Yes, it has been a bad season. But personally I don’t want to give up.”


goodbye Xavi He noted that “It was something strange because he is still with us so he hasn’t left and things, for the moment, continue as always,” and added that “whether I agree or not with his departure, I have to accept it . , but the team knows how to put it aside now and focus on the things we have to fix in the game. Christensen stand from Xavi that “he brought me here and was fundamental in achieving one of my dreams. It’s sad but if he believes the club needs him, I’ll just accept it.”


Regarding the league won last year, the Dane wants to highlight it. “I think a lot about the criticism last year that we got a lot of 1-0 wins… when we look at the games, I think we played good football until we scored. Our problem last year we stopped playing after scoring a goal”. And he related that “this year has been different. We have made decisions too fast and we have been too open as a team. These are the things that really depend on us, on the players. Because we are not that calm yet and we are the those who need to make better decisions.” decisions. We have to go back to the fact that we have to dominate games.


Of his new position as center he said that “it’s been a long time since I last played in that position, so of course I have to get used to many things. But I really enjoy it.” In the same line he commented “I have to keep my balance in front of the chain and make sure we are in the right place. I have to fill the space right behind the attackers. Both when we have the ball and when we don’t ball “Maybe sometimes the ball is not always so important. But luckily we have other good players there.”

Christensen He added that “there are no indications that I will be a midfielder from now on. I am still a defender, but we are going through a difficult period and my job is to do my best to help the team.”


Asked the answers of Frenkie de Jong a few days ago in a press conference related to information about him, Christensen He said that “there is a common understanding that there are newspapers that have to write 20 pages every day. If they express their opinion on what we should do and how we should play there is no problem, our problem is when people think about things. or build on something that isn’t true. It affects Frenkie and it affects the rest of us, because people question whether to believe it or not.”

Source: La Verdad


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