Gravesen and the three teams that only Zidane will coach


Zidane He admitted a few days ago that he wants to train again and rumors have appeared about teams that will be interested in him, starting with Manchester United and continuing with Juventus. Now, a former teammate of his at Real Madrid has revealed a secret about Zidane.

The former partner is no one else That’s seriousHe spoke to Discovery + about Zidane and recalled a conversation he had with him two years ago. “Talk to Zidane in Madrid two years ago, where he told me he only wanted to accept two and a half jobs. And they are Marseille, Madrid and the French team,” the Danish footballer stated, adding that “We were in Madrid two years ago and he told me there. I also asked him if he was ready to return to a teaching position. And then he said that it was only three.”

Despite what he told you Zidane, Gravesen saw the French ready to become the coach of Manchester United. “He has talent and he has proven his worth. I can say that the team I have in Madrid is incredible. So you must have a ‘warches’ (a large amount of money), as they call it in England, to buy and field your team. Because it is very difficult to do anything with the team that Erik ten Hag is facing now. But we’ve seen before, and we’ve seen it in our little Super League, that if the right coach comes at the right time, the situation can change,” Gravesen explained.

Source: La Verdad


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