Andy Criere expands the Spanish Olympic surfing festival: it’s also at the Paris Games


Nadia Erostarbe paved the way for Spanish women’s surfing on Thursday, Janire Gonzalez it was expanded on Friday and Andy Criere took the baton this Saturday for national men’s surfing. Criere achieved a venue for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games after expanding the celebration of the great Spanish results to Puerto Rico’s World Surfing Games, the World Cup of this discipline. So, Criere is in Tahiti, the Olympic sub-site of this sport.

In an Olympic discipline since the Tokyo Games, Spain will debut in a big way at the Games, with three representatives that even the women tried to raise to four by qualifying the team at the World Cup event. A very good result for this sport, because it is also Erostarbe will fight this Sunday to climb to positions beyond the top6 that you are already insured. Criere made the move this Saturday to enter the world top 10 in a masculine key. Janire González, yes, was eliminated in the seventh of ten repechage rounds women, although after securing the Olympic ticket the previous day.

The jump to the Games was made this Saturday Cryer, who started the day in eighth of the twelve repechages with the need to advance the two to think hard about the Olympic ticket. That’s how it happened. The Spaniard was second in his first series of the day with 10.46 points, close to Indonesian Rio Waida’s 10.57, to enter the ninth round of the repechage. Here, he clocked 12.40 after just being outdone by the incomparable Brazilian Yago Dora’s 17.24. however, Criere earned the ticket for the tenth of twelve total championship repechagesa result that ensures him in the top 10 in the world.

Within, with ten surfers in total in the battle and With six Olympic places at stake, five contenders already have a ticket (Brazilian Gabriel Medina and Frenchman Kauli Vaast for the main draw, in addition to Dora, Frenchman Marco Mignot and Australian Ethan Ewing in the repechage). This situation means that Criere has confirmed its Olympic presence, with the aim of continuing to climb the positions in the tenth repechage that will take place this Saturday.

That will be your goal: join Nadia Erostarbe on Sunday, the final day of the championship, the only Spanish woman with a guaranteed presence on the final day. Janire González’s farewell to the seventh women’s repechage left her as a national asset in search of positions of honor, which also put in the contention for the best women’s team a difficult extra individual Olympic place .

217+30 Spanish athletes have been classified for the Paris Olympic Games

-Athletics: 14 classified + 11 athletes with a minimum in 2023 that must be validated in 2024 + 4 athletes with a minimum RFEA in 2024 expected to be valid to enter the ranking
8 direct and nominal selections to meet World Athletics and RFEA criteria:
-Ibrahim Chakir and Tariku Novales (marathon)
-Álvaro Martín and Paul McGrath (20 km walk)
-Ester Navarrete and Majida Mayouf (marathon)
-María Pérez and Cristina Montesinos (20 km walk)

2 non-nominally safe places in the marathon:
-Ayad Lamdassem (2:07:37) is the Spaniard without a permanent position with the lowest minimum.
-Meritxell Soler (2:24:57) is the Spaniard without a permanent position with the lowest minimum.

4+2 athletes with minimum World Athletics in 2024 (not nominal places, but difficult option for more teammates to make minimums and exceed the quota so that these athletes are left without place)
-Jordan Díaz (triple jump)
-Diego García Carrera and Luis Alberto Amezcua (20 km walk, only one place available)
-Marta Garcia (5000)
-Laura García-Caro and Raquel González (20 km walk, only one place available)

11 athletes with 12 other minimum World Athletics in 2023, although in the absence of securing them a minimum competitiveness in 2024
*In all events except marathon, hybrid system of minimum (50% of places) and ranking (50% of places), so we have to wait until the end to see which athletes are classified according to each method , although it is expected that World Athletics will end up guaranteeing a place to all athletes with a minimum, with a quota of three per country and event. These are the Spaniards with the lowest World Athletics Olympic, although the RFEA will require them to be certified in 2024 with a slightly less harsh score:
-Adrián Ben (800 meters, exempt from the minimum competitiveness requirement), Mohamed Attaoui (800 meters), Saúl Ordóñez (800 meters)
-Mario García Romo (1500 meters, exempt from the minimum competitiveness requirement), Adel Mechaal (1500 meters), Adrián Ben (1500 meters)
-Mohamed Katir (5000 meters, exempt from minimum competitiveness*), Thierry Ndikumwenayo (5000 meters)
-Víctor Ruiz (3000 obstacles)
-Esther Guerrero (1500 meters) and Marta Pérez (1500 meters)
-Irene Sánchez-Escribano (3000 obstacles)
* Temporarily suspended

4 athletes with minimum RFEA in 2024 considered used to enter by ranking
– Aaron Las Heras (5000)
-Lorea Ibarzábal (800)
-Ana Peleteiro (triple jump)
-Belén Toimil (shot put)
*Paula Juárez also achieved this (20 km walk), but the quota of three classifieds per test will be exceeded

-12 basketball: women’s group
-2 boxing: José Quiles (-57 kg), Laura Fuertes (-50 kg)
-5 road cycling: Non-nominal places led by Pello Bilbao, Mikel Landa and Juan Ayuso (three in online testing, one of them in time trial); Mavi García and Ane Santesteban (two in online testing, one of them in time trial). Listed are the names of the most decisive cyclists in taking places.
-36 football: Men’s team and women’s team
-7 artistic gymnastics: Joel Plata, Ray Zapata, Nicolau Mir, Thierno Diallo, Adrià Vera and Néstor Abad (team, made up of six gymnasts who achieved the place, although only five will be in Paris); Alba Petisco and Ana Pérez (individual)
-7 rhythmic gymnastics: Ana Arnau, Inés Bergua, Mireia Martínez, Patricia Pérez, Valeria Márquez and Salma Solaun (group, made up of six gymnasts, although only five will make the team); Polina Berezina (individual) and Alba Bautista (individual)
-8 equestrian (6 non-nominal areas): Armando Trapote, Eduardo Álvarez Aznar, Manuel Fernández Saro and Sergio Álvarez Moya (individual and team jumping; places are achieved between four riders but in Paris only three are possible); Juan Antonio Jiménez, Alejandro Sánchez del Barco, José Daniel Martín Dockx and Severo Jurado (individual and team dressage; places are achieved between four riders but in Paris only three)
*2 nominal places for Carlos Díaz and Esteban Benítez in the complete competition, but subject to their participation in a long and short CCI4 or a CCI5 in 2024.
-32 field hockey: Men’s team and women’s team

-3 fixed + 8 additional fixed to confirm + 5 possible confirmed swimming: Pre-selection of Hugo González (100 backstroke, 200 backstroke and 200 medley), Carlos Garach (800 freestyle) and Mario Mollá (100 butterfly). Men’s 4×100 freestyle relay (Luis Domínguez, Sergio de Celis, Mario Mollà and César Castro, with Carles Coll), men’s 4×200 freestyle (Luis Domínguez, César Castro, Sergio de Celis and Carlos Quijada) and men’s 4×200 Gonzále , Carles Coll are classified , Mario Mollá and Sergio de Celis). Place in the women’s 4×200 freestyle for Ainhoa ​​​​​​Campabadal, Alba Herrero, Paula Juste and Carla Carrón. With the individual minimums from Hugo, Mollá and De Celis, eight additional swimmers can be taken (if starting with the swimmers who got places, although they are not nominal, Domínguez, Castro, Quijada, Coll , Campabadal, Herrero , Juste and Carrón ).
-Sergio de Celis (100 freestyle), Carlos Garach (1500 freestyle), Arbidel González (200 butterfly), Carmen Weiler (100 backstroke), África Zamorano (200 backstroke) and Emma Carrasco (400 medley) meet the World standard Aquatics but not with RFENs.

-3 open water swims (1 double may swim): María de Valdés (10 km), Ángela Martínez (10 km) and Carlos Garach (10 km)
-8 artistic swimming: Cristina Arámbula, Berta Ferreras, Marina García Polo, Meritxell Mas, Alisa Ozhogina, Paula Ramírez, Sara Saldaña, Meritxell Ferré, Lilou Lluis, Blanca Toledano and Iris Tió (team, but with only eight calls); Iris Tió and Alisa Ozhogina (duo)
-1 modern pentathlon: Laura Heredia (female)
-15 canoeing in still water (not nominal areas): Cayetano García and Pablo Martínez (C2-500); Paco Cubelos (K1-1000); Adrián del Río and Rodrigo Germade (K2-500); Saúl Craviotto, Carlos Arévalo, Marcus Cooper Walz and Rodrigo Germade (K4-500); Isabel Contreras (K1-500); Sara Ouzande, Estefanía González, Carolina García and Teresa Portela (K4-500); Antía Jácome (C1-200); Antía Jácome and María Corbera (C2-500)
-4 slalom canoeing (not nominal places): Luis Fernández (C1), Pau Echaniz (K1 and with it kayak cross), Klara Olazábal (C1) and Maialen Chourraut (K1 and with it kayak cross)
-8 rowing (not nominal seats): Jaime Canalejo and Javier García (M2-); Caetano Horta and Dennis Carracedo (LM2x); Rodrigo Conde and Aleix García (M2x); Aina Cid and Esther Briz (W2-)
-3 jumps: Ana Carvajal (ten meter platform); Nicolás García Boissier and Adrián Abadía (synchronized on the three-meter springboard)
-3 surf: Andy Criere, Nadia Erostarbe and Janire González
-3 taekwondo: Adriana Cerezo (-49 kg), Adrian Vicente (-58 kg) and Javier Pérez Polo (-68 kg). These are the Olympic venues for Spain.
-2 archery (not nominal areas): Miguel Alvariño (individual recurve and mixed team recurve) and Elia Canales (individual recurve and mixed team recurve)
-1 Olympic shot: Fátima Gálvez (trap)
-2+2 triathlon: Nominal places for Antonio Serrat and Miriam Casillas (both individual and mixed relay). FETRI assumes that the replacement position has been completed in the non-nominal positions for Roberto Sánchez and Noelia Juan, but the truth is that it has not been classified.
-13 candles: Nominal places for Diego Botín and Florian Trittel (49er), Nacho Baltasar (iQFoil), Támara Echegoyen and Paula Barceló (49er FX), Jordi Xammar and Nora Brugman (470 mixed), Tara Pacheco and Andrés Barrio (Nacra 17) and Gisela Pulido (Kite Formula). Non-nominal places in the absence of internal selection of Pilar Lamadrid (iQFoil), Ana Moncada (ILCA 6) and Joaquín Blanco (ILCA 7). In one of the two ILCA 7 internal selection regattas contested, Joel Rodríguez was the best Spaniard. In one of the two from IQFoil, Pilar Lamadrid is the best Spaniard.
-26 water polo: Women’s team and men’s team

Source: La Verdad


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