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This time, Real Sociedad fans deemed fit will be able to cheer on the players in better conditions when the coach arrives at the Anoeta Stadium ahead of Tuesday’s Champions League match against Paris Saint Germain. The club warned that the Ertzaintza will be more flexible and allow the presence of fans on the Paseo de Errondo, on the sidewalk closest to the homes from the Podavines roundabout to the mole station, where the bus enters. in the bowels of the stadium. That bus will arrive at 7:25 pm in Anoeta, one hour and 35 minutes before this Champions League match.

Last Tuesday, at the start of the Cup match against Mallorca, Real also called on fans to come and meet the team and cheer the players before they arrive at the stadium. The problem was that the Ertzaintza did not allow their presence in that Paseo de Errondo, until a group of fans broke the cordon to get a little closer to the car. In this case, it was possible to congratulate the footballers from the sidewalk, despite the fact that the match was declared ‘high risk’.

This is useful information for the match against Paris Saint Germain at Anoeta (9 pm) that Real wants to move:

Safety equipment

The municipality and security authorities will implement a security device that will mainly affect the flow of traffic around the sports venue in the hours before the match. For this reason, those responsible for driving security:

– use public transport.

– travel to the stadium with sufficient time and advance notice.

– and call the neighborhood of Amara and other areas of the city passing through the surrounding area to consider the possible changes in daily activities caused by the measures adopted.

Reductions in traffic and access to the Reale Arena ring

In addition to the usual security measures, the device will be strengthened to cut ordinary traffic and separation around the Reale Arena stadium and part of the Amara Berri neighborhood between 7 and 9 pm

Buses from the province

For UEFA organizational reasons, as usual today, the organized buses bringing our members and fans from different parts of the province will park at the Illumbe parking lot.

On the other hand, these buses will leave half an hour earlier from each location compared to their usual transfer time to the Reale Arena.

Special Euskotren and Donostiabus services

Both Euskotren and Donostiabus will offer special services.

Access to visiting fans

Due to the category of the match and the large number of French fans attending the match, the competent security authorities defined a larger restricted area where only visiting fans could move to access gate 7 assigned theirs. .

This is why members who regularly circulate through that area, mostly from the East Grandstand (from door 8 to door 16), have to travel to their door through another passage. In the lower lines you can see the closed area for visiting fans, as well as the access flow we recommend, whether you come from the city or from Illumbe.

Come early

In other words, understanding the difficulties that many people may have in attending the game on time, we recommend that you attend with as much margin of minutes as possible. We thank you for your understanding and we hope that tomorrow we can enjoy a great return together.

We are glad to have you as a member of our board

A special device was arranged for the moment of welcoming the team. The bus will arrive at the Reale Arena from Paseo de Errondo around 7:25 pm Unlike the last reception, our fans can occupy the sidewalk, next to the housing area, that goes from the Podavines roundabout to the Topo station.

Doors open, from one hour before

The doors of the Reale Arena open at 8 pm Due to the flow of access to the stadium area, it is recommended that you arrive early. It can be accessed with a physical membership card, digital membership card (integrated into the Realzale App) or a ticket for the corresponding match.

Member Services Office

The ticket offices located next to the Reale Arena member service office, located next to the Atano III fronton, will be operational from 7 pm to resolve any incident related to the match.

Card transfers

Remember that, if you can’t attend, you can give your membership card to someone (family member, friend, whoever you want). For access control and security reasons, you must complete the process before 6 pm

Keler Space

The Gastrogune area of ​​Keler Espazioa will open its doors at 8:30 pm with its classic restaurant service. The match will be shown on Gastrogune’s giant screen.

Shop and serve at the bars

The official store of the Reale Arena is from 10 am to 9 pm On the other hand, the bars will be open from 8 pm

There is no bicycle parking

While it is played during the week, at this time there is no parking for bicycles and scooters.

Source: La Verdad


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