Mateu Lahoz will be the referee in the grand final between Wales and Ukraine


the college Mateu Lahoz will be at Cardiff Stadium next Sunday, where the final European team will go on Qatar World Cup. not until now welsh national team. There are three precedents for the Valencian to have Ukraine. The Spanish are on the list to attend the World Cup.

Mateu Lahoz was the chosen referee for the grand final of European football. The Valencian international referee has been selected for next Sunday’s duel in Cardiff between Wales and Ukraine that will issue UEFA’s final passport for the World Cup in Qatar. Appointment which is definitely the referee after FIFA includes him in the list of 36 referees who are in Qatar from November 21 to December 18 of this year.

A game marked by the war and the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which caused its postponement in March.

There are nine international fights that Mateu Lahoz has whistled at this year in Europe. Five of them are in the Champions League (two of them in the qualifying phase) and another three in the Europa League.

This is the first time Wales have been whistled, both in terms of national teams and clubs. There are three times so far that Ukraine has whistled. Two ended in victory and the third was defeated.

The last time was definitely in the qualifying phase for the World Cup in November and where the Ukrainians beat Bosnia Herzegovina 0-2. The last defeat began in 2017, the first of three games he played, and in which they fell 1-0 to Croatia in the qualifying phase for the European Championship.

The World Cup is his fourth big event

This is another step in the career of the Valencian international who just finished 45 last March.

An assignment that came after last summer was him attending the European Nations Championship for the first time. His successor in controversy in 2016 was Carlos Velasco Carballo.

This will be Mateu Lahoz’s fourth major appointment as international referee. His debut took place at the 2016 Rio Games where he directed two teams in stage matches. Brazil-South Africa and Argentina-Honduras.

Then comes the 2018 World Cup in Russia, where he whistles for two games as field referee. This is Denmark-Australia and Iceland-Croatia in the group stage. In another three, he performed as the fourth college. Thus, the first meeting to take place at the European Championship is the sixth in a major final stage of a continental and global tournament.

Source: La Verdad


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