4-0: Emery’s Aston Villa, through to the quarterfinals, after destroying Ajax


After the goalless draw at Johan Cruyff Arena from Amsterdam to Aston Villa in the Basque direction Unai Emery taken advantage of Birmingham its local status to resolve the round of 16 tie on its side and earn a spot in the quarterfinals of Conference League after destroying the Dutch team (4-0).

The English representative is running as one of the big favorites for the European crown. He took advantage of his rival’s irregular moments, both in the Netherlands League and in Europe, to progress through the tournament with solvency. Ajax faced the last half hour, with the rivalry already tilted towards the home team, with fewer players due to the relegation of Sivert Mannsverk for a double yellow card.

At that time the Aston Villa I won 2-0. opened the scoreboard Ollie Watkinsheader, after a corner taken by Douglas Luiz who also assisted on the second, on the clock, signed by the Jamaican Leon Bailey.

Then, with another player, the Birmingham team rounded off the win. The Colombian John Duran made a third, a quarter of an hour before closing, and the Frenchman Moussa Diaby, with nine remaining, the fourth of Emery’s team. He Aston Villa reached the quarterfinals of the Conference League as Ajax bid farewell to Europe with a bang.

Source: La Verdad


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