Las Palmas, Tenerife and the playoff comebacks


Since LaLiga released the current promotion format in the 2010/2011 season a total of 33 qualifiers were playedwhere 21 ties started with a win for both sides, and up to on 9 occasions it came back the result of the journey. This means that 27% of total playoff qualifiers are missed, and 42% of starters lose.

With 11 semifinals to face the fourth and fifth classified, up to 6 times the room is expanded, for 5 in the fifth. At 8 it started with a result other than a draw and 3 resulted in a return to the second leg.

In this sense, both groups from the Canary Islands have experience and some must look to the past to correct mistakes and others to have hope. In the case of CD Tenerife, they only played 2 playoff qualifiers, both in the same promotion, in 2017. Previously, they lost the first game of the semifinal in Cádiz 1-0, and the same result in the second leg It was enough to qualify for the presence of court factor. In the final, they were able to win 1-0 over Heliodoro, but they saw the Bordalás’s Getafe returns to Madrid until it reaches 3-1 which means the azulón team rises.

UD Las Palmas, in part, has played a total of 5 qualifierswhere he only started to lose once, which was 3-1 against Zaragoza, who were able to come back with a 2-0 win over Gran Canaria gaining promotion in the First Division. The two cases in which Unión Deportiva was eliminated, the first leg ended in a draw (1-1 in Gran Canaria against Almería and 0-0 in Córdoba), so every time Las Palmas started an eliminatory with a defeat , returns to the second leg.

So, the yellows already know what it feels like to come back from a playoff tie in front of their fans, and Tenerife he knows what it feels like to leave Heliodoro with a 1-0 favor and be traced far into his territory.. Of the team that came from behind against Zaragoza, only Viera remains in Las Palmas; while Dani Hernández, Aitor Sanz and Carlos Ruiz are the ones still in Tenerife from that final at Getafe.

On Saturday everyone was deciding on Gran Canaria and despite the fact that Tenerife were starting with a slight advantage on the scoreboard, the swords were high. According to statistics, 42% chance of returnsomething that those with Ramis will try to avoid by all means.

Source: La Verdad


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