Bielsa: “I should have done more to stay at Athletic”


Marcelo Bielsa This is one of the great attractions tomorrow in San Mamés. The current Uruguay coach returned to his home for two seasons, 2011-12 and 2012-13. The Argentine left a great memory in Bilbao for the game the team played, especially in their first one, when he impressed Europe in that match against United at Old Trafford that remained forever etched in the memory of all fans of Zurigorris. .

Bielsa He addressed the media yesterday in Donostia. “Those who went through Bilbao and Athletic know that club is stamped on their skin. “I always thought I should have done more to stay longer,” he said.

His Athletic played in two finals, one in the Cup and another in the Europa League. They both lost at the hands of Barça and Atlético respectively. Valverde’s team has a new chance on April 6 to achieve a major title after a 40-year drought. “I hope the best happens and the best is the only thing. All the sensations are that this time will be possible. It is not good to predict a desire before it happens. But we all want it to happen now,” he said.

As usual in his particular way of being, he did not want to interfere with Txingurri’s work. “Messages should always come from a legitimate driver. It is not appropriate for me to give a message because it is not my responsibility. The two finals that I had to participate in were not a good experience because we lost,” he acknowledged.

‘Crazy’ also wants to remember From Marcos, one of his ‘favorite’ players. The one in Laguardia exploded in his direction. “I have to direct From Marcos He is one of the best people I know in football and one of the players with great human quality. It was in that place of great players that I have fond memories of forever. “He’s a man who lives around standards that make his behavior admirable,” he said.

Source: La Verdad


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