What happened between Ter Stegen and the referee before the penalty?


It is the 59th minute and Barça is trying to recover from the second goal of PSG when I canceled fell into the trap of Dembele and punished him. Throughout the tie, the Portuguese full-back was buzzing about being able to take a maximum penalty by slotting in without timing a winger as electrifying as the Frenchman, but it was in the ‘silliest’ game where the footballer was loaned to City of Manchester He arrived late and committed a foul inside the area against ‘Mosquito’.

After that, only ‘gunslinger game’ intervened Marc André Ter Stegen and the launcher, Kylian Mbappe. The ‘turtle’ wanted to score a comeback goal in a tie where he was overlooked and the German began his classic ritual before taking the ultimate penalty. The first lateral movements above the line began and the German began to have a ‘new enemy’: István Kovács.

He Barça He was very unhappy with the performance of the referee team and especially with the decisions of the Romanian, who also had a scuffle with the culé goalkeeper. With the latest regulations, the goalkeeper can only move to the goal line and once the ball is hit by the kicker they must have at least one foot on the line or behind it, so Ter Stegen I’m not doing anything illegal. That’s why he doesn’t believe in his warning and challenge Kovacs.

A strange and surprising image, because before a penalty, the goalkeepers need the maximum concentration possible and the referee did not give it to them. Finally Ter Stegendue to the intervention of Kovacs or not, he can do nothing in launching the Mbappe and the Frenchman made it 1-3.

Source: La Verdad


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