EU summit – Nehammer: There are numerous escalations worldwide


After Iran’s attack on Israel, according to Chancellor Karl Nehammer (ÖVP), the EU wants to take action so that the counter-reaction “does not cause a conflagration”. At the same time, he called for full support for Ukraine – Russia must realize that there is no weakness here in the EU.

“What we are all working on for Israeli security policy is to organize any counter-reaction in such a way that it is measured,” Nehammer announced on Wednesday before the start of the EU summit in Brussels.

This is difficult for Israel after the attack by Iran, “because this direct conflict situation represents a change in the security situation on a dramatic scale,” Nehammer continued. Iran’s direct attack on Israel is ‘a paradigm shift’. “All efforts are now focused on containing the conflict so that it does not become a major conflagration and that there is no total escalation,” the Chancellor said.

Asked whether he would advise Israel against retaliating, Nehammer said it would be “a very sensitive issue.” Iran has included the destruction of Israel in its constitution. “The fact that he is now directly attacking Israel is the real change in the security situation.”

Austrian-Israeli hostage still in Hamas hands
For Austria, Israel’s war against the radical Islamic terrorist organization Hamas in the Gaza Strip was also an important topic at the EU summit. An Austrian-Israeli hostage is still in the hands of Hamas. Austria supports all efforts to release the hostages and provide humanitarian access.

Austria is still on Israel’s side when it comes to destroying Hamas’s terrorist wing, Nehammer said. This is also important for the security of the European Union. At the same time, Austria attaches great importance to enabling humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip.

At the same time, full support from Ukraine is needed so that Russia realizes that there is no weakness here in the EU, Nehammer warned. “We now have a large number of escalations worldwide. All this contributes to the destabilization of the security situation.” The EU must maintain its clear position on Ukraine and also tackle other conflicts. “Any other signal would be fatal,” which would encourage Russia to continue its offensive even more boldly.

Source: Krone


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