Athletic’s worst streak, so?


I know, we haven’t won in three games. Four including the cup final, which ended in a draw. Two points are scored out of nine. But that’s what winning a title is all about, that it’s all out of balance. Training, rest, sightseeing, reception. Athletic is in full mental decompression and it’s hard to feel the same hunger again after a binge.

And? Saturday is another final. It’s 90 minutes where the Champions League is at stake. Four days of training dedicated to a very exciting goal, the highest continental competition.

Then, against Granada the team was not good, I know that. There are many errors, a sea of ​​them. The right wing did not give the right, and forgive me for the redundancy, but both Iñaki Williams and De Marcos were repeated in giving the ball to the rival without a break, as if they had a competition to see who did the most mistake

The rest, same. No fluidity. Legs run faster than heads. It was a mistake for several minutes. But he can win and he deserves more.

And Atlético aren’t here to cheer either. Valverde has time, we have to try. The prize is big.

Source: La Verdad


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