Formula 1 drivers say enough is enough


The 2024 season of Formula 1 This is historic because we are facing the longest campaign in the entire history of sports. It starts on the last day of February and ends on the first weekend of December. sum of 24 Grand Prizes spread over 10 months. There are many days away from home for each member of a paddock consisting of hundreds of people. And far from going away, the pilots, the great protagonists of this ‘Great Circus’, have been raising their voices for some time now.

Asked about this at the press conference before the Bahrain GP on Thursday, everyone gave their opinion and they all pointed in the same direction: They are at the limit if they haven’t crossed it.

Exactly two Spanish drivers on the grid, Fernando Alonso and Carlos Sainz, They are the most difficult when it comes to explaining the demands that the current calendar implies. “I love the Champions League, because it happens in dribs and drabs and is more outstanding. F1 must remain exclusive. You risk being too consistent and people lose their appetite,” commented the Madrid native from Ferrari.

“We are well over the limit of runs. If someone does not understand this, it will be negative for F1. This is not sustainable for anyone,” Alonso alleged.

Hamilton also mentioned how “the limit has been crossed.” The Briton asked to balance quantity with quality and think about the world and sustainability, referring to the beautiful journeys that every GP should take.

Verstappen didn’t cut himself any slack

The Dutchman is also very clear about what is involved in multiple races in a World Cup. A pilot’s career seems longer and longer because they take better care of themselves, but the demands of the calendar wear them down.: “I knew I wasn’t going to spend 10 more years doing 24 races a year”. Therefore, it is unreasonable to think that pilots end their careers earlier, no matter how successful they are.

Checo Pérez, in a statement to ESPN, spoke along the same lines. If you think we, as pilots, don’t take weekends for granted. We have many commitments. So it really takes everything out of you.”. The Mexican used the term ‘zombies’ to describe the fatigue that existed between the Las Vegas GP and Abu Dhabi last year.

Source: La Verdad


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