Sainz’s denial about his future: “It’s not true”


Nothing has changed Carlos Sainz. The Spaniard has been repeating since the start of the season that he will try to get the best possible seat to fight at the top of the grid from 2025, after leaving Ferrari. And he continues to wait. He has the key to the pilot market Verstappenmain candidate of Mercedes if the Dutchman decides to leave red bullas well as the ‘Checo’ Pérez, awaiting renewal with the energy drinks team. And in the absence of movement, Sainz’s options remain the same: Red Bull, Mercedes and Audi.

The company of the four rings remains in that group, and Carlos himself managed to reject some rumors and information that appeared in recent hours and suggested that the Madrid native rejected the offer from Audi, who was tired of waiting. for Carlos and that is why he will announce another driver to partner with him Hulkenberg from 2025 on Sauber (before even the team Audi in 2026).

“No, that’s not right. That’s nonsense”declared Carlos Sainz emphatically, according to the ‘’ portal.

“There are things that I don’t fully understand about what’s going on and we have to wait. But in the meantime, we’re not completely stuck, we’re still talking to people and moving forward where. we can move forward,” argument. That is, Carlos Sainz’s management team is constantly moving in several areas and waiting to see how the events will develop in the market in order to choose the best option. And as Sainz himself said a few months ago, he wanted to “feel that I gave myself enough time and had enough information when I made a decision.” Slowly but surely.

“All those things, always with the moment of waiting, as I said before, we have to do them so that everyone makes a decision in many ways”added Carlos this Thursday in the preview of a Miami GP marked by rumors and the future, such as that of Adrian Newey and his possible signing for Ferrari or Aston Martin’s interest in the successful engineer.

Source: La Verdad


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