Arroyo: “I remain in the love of the people”


Arroyo: “I remain in the love of the people”

“In these four years, I was left with the love that people showed me, that they made everything easier for me with their closeness and support. I have never experienced anything like this, and I think it is a privilege.” With these words he thanked Natalie to txuri urdin fans these four years in his first press conference after announcing his departure from the Real bench. “I wanted to announce it earlier, but I think now is a good time, I think we will forget about it sooner rather than later and the team will quickly focus on the Cup. I want to say goodbye well, with time to return to the people the love they gave me” he added, and then clarified that he had no short-term professional plans: “also to convince myself that I have to move, I don’t know where, for now I have no next step.”

Regarding the reasons for his departure, Stream It was explained that “this is something that both parties have been talking about for many months, in the end when you are four years old in terms of energy there are things that take more and more from you, and we have decided that it is now that both sides can leave with the good memories we have now”. He clarified that “it is possible that the recent sports results contributed to the decision, but this is something we have been talking about since September-October when we were on a good streak, so the idea was already there. ”

Source: La Verdad


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