Giro d’Italia 2024, live | Stage 21 continues with the final arrival in Rome, live


🗞️ | Pogacar will win the Giro with the biggest margin in its 2nd century!

Easy to say and hard to assimilate. Tadej Pogacar he will win Giro d’Italia 2024 with a difference of 9’56” compared to the second classified, the Colombian Daniel Felipe Martínez. In cycling as it is now, where everything is equal, this margin seems from another planet, especially if you dig a little in the newspaper archives.

Since 1945 the distinction of 9’56” has been achieved Pogacar This is the fourth largest distance between first and second, exceeding 9’18” Basso in Gutierrez in 2006, the same margin that also strangely happened in between Coppi and Magni in 1952. Only 11’26” of Adorni in Zilioli, the 23’47” of Coppi in Bartali in 1949 and the 24’16” of Clerici in Koblet in 1958, understandably that was another cycling.

A SIMPLE STAGE | Today, the protagonists of the day must be the sprinters. He Italy is spinning ending again at Rome and it will be done at full speed, with a stage divided into two parts: with the first crossing the finish line and then facing a final circuit (8 laps) inside the capital of Rome.

The 9.5 km circuit runs entirely through city streets, which have to be carefully laid out, while asphalt alternates with cobblestones, before facing the final stretch with a 350-meter straight on cobblestones.


Let’s see what happens in the last stage of the Giro! It started over half an hour ago and 117 kilometers left to reach the end. By now, the whole peloton is together and the cyclists are going around in a relaxed way, talking to each other until it’s time to push hard.

🗞️ | Tadej Pogacar will sign a Giro d’Italia today in Rome to frame
Tadej Pogacar I know that this Sunday, May 26, is the last day of MrDog from Italythe camera lenses will be very shared, for this reason he wants to be the main character yesterday to achieve his sixth victory in a good mountain stage, five of them wearing pink jersey.
WHEN AND WHERE TO MEET? 🕒 | The 21st and final episode of 107th Edition of the Giro d’Italia It started around 3:35 pm and will end around 6:45 pm.

He Giro d’Italia 2024 seen through of Eurosport in Spain through Eurosport 1 and its Eurosport Player applicationboth available on DAZN, but you can follow it minute by minute on the website World of sports.

STAGE 21 🚩 | Today we will have the final stage of the Giro d’Italia, which will consist of a 126-kilometer route, and will start and finish in Rome. It starts with a round trip along the coast, followed by several laps of an urban circuit that passes through many emblematic places in Rome.

The 9.5 kilometer circuit takes place entirely on city streets, combining small undulations with long straights and some complex curves. The pavement is mostly asphalt, with a few short stretches of cobblestone.


TOURING IN ITALY 2024 | STAGE 21, LIVE | Good afternoon, friends of World of sports!

Welcome to the live narration of this final episode, which corresponds to number 21 of the 107th edition of the Giro d’Italia 2024, which begins and ends in Rome. Except for the hecatomb, Pogacar Now he will conquer this important cycling event, leading the Colombian Daniel Felipe Martínez and from the Welsh Geraint Thomassecond and third respectively

Everything is ready for this final ‘show’ to begin!

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