Family desperate – Ilvy (13) from Rosental has disappeared without a trace


Her family has been looking for 13-year-old Ilvy from Rosental an der Kainach (Styria) since Friday evening. Who saw the teenager? The fire brigade and the National Criminal Investigation Department are searching at full speed, the family is concerned.

On Friday at 3:30 PM Ilvy said goodbye to her mother, left the house and wanted to go to a friend. She was supposed to return at 7:30 PM. But since then there has been no trace of the young Styrians. “The friend she wanted to meet didn’t know anything about it either. The mobile phone has been switched off since 4 p.m.,” says the desperate mother. There was no argument.

Police confirmed a report late Friday evening. The family has been looking for Ilvy ever since. She posted a photo of the teen on Facebook.

The fire brigade started looking for Ilvy and the State Criminal Investigation Department has also started investigating the case. Drones were even used. “There are several clues, but it is still unclear whether they lead to the whereabouts,” says police spokesman Heimo Kohlbacher. “We are currently not aware of any accident or crime.” Addendum: “We are conducting research at full speed.”

The family now places the young woman’s photo at train stations and in public areas. People are “extremely concerned” – but so far Ilvy seems to have “swallowed up the face of the earth”.

Information for Köflach police station: +43 59133 6193-100

Source: Krone


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