Brutal fraudster – simulated fall in the supermarket: 20,000 euro fine!


An Icelandic woman who faked a fall in a supermarket to claim compensation has narrowly avoided a prison sentence. Teresa Birch was sentenced by the court on Friday to a fine of approximately 20,000 euros after pleading guilty to contempt of court.

Brutal action in a supermarket in Iceland: Surveillance camera footage showed Teresa Birch falling to the floor in a supermarket in January. She claimed she was involved in an accident after “her foot got stuck in the handle” of an abandoned bag. Birch subsequently claimed damages of approximately 12,000 euros for injuries to her right knee and left hand.

However, the supermarket denied any liability and shared surveillance footage showing that Birch had staged the fall. Birch’s lawyers subsequently withdrew from the case and the woman herself was brought to trial.

In handing down the sentence, the judge said Birch’s behavior was “totally unacceptable”. “They tried to mislead the court and tried to extort a lot of money from the supermarket.”

Birch must now pay court costs of 20,000 euros, as well as compensation for the victim.

Source: Krone


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