Alonso and his two solutions to increase the chaos in the F1 Monaco GP


Sunday’s race at F1 Monaco GP It had a little show. Only the touches and the many accidents in the first lap created uncertainty. The race has little more to it than that. On such a narrow circuit, with such large and heavy vehicles, it was impossible to overtake. And because of that, Fernando Alonso He identified some points that could be improved so that the next editions of one of the most iconic races in the world would be more attractive.

Changing a tire with a red flag

In Monaco This is usually accepted because at least there is tension in the approach or the possible ‘Safety Car’. Or if the rain appears. But this Sunday the water did not appear and only a virtual safety car appeared that did not move in the race. And the major damage to the show has already been done. Exactly, because of the red flag on the first lap.

As the race had to stop on lap 1, the drivers were able to make the obligatory tire change at that moment, something allowed in the regulations. So, most chose not to stop. For example, the first four (Leclerc, Piastri, Sainz and Norris) rode hard and went all the way, completing 78 laps on that tire. And never mind that the drivers who changed tires came from behind.

No matter how big the difference in speed and grip is, it can’t be missed and fans are left unable to see the tension that always exists in Monaco when a car enters the pits and tries to attack on its exit lap while its rival must do the same to stop and start again in front. It was not seen. The only pain that existed was if something went wrong, which in Monaco was paid for by the wall.

but, Fernando Alonso believe that the rule allowing changing tires with a red flag should be reviewed. Because of events like Monaco that take all the crumbs out of Sunday’s test.

“When there’s a red flag and you change tires and go to the finish… the only point of interest in the race in Monaco is the pit stops you have to make. It took the excitement out of pit stops. And maybe it reopens the debate about whether when there’s a red flag, maybe the tires can’t be changed because there are some circuits where the race is compromised.”he declared in front of the international press, among them, MD.

Sunday’s race changes? Alonso bet on Saturday

“I think it’s fine as it is,” said Fernando Alonso about Sunday’s event, beyond the change he proposes for the red flags and tires. The Spaniard considers that part of the beauty of Monaco is that, that it is a test where the most important thing is Saturday. And for this reason, he considers that it is necessary to increase the excitement of Saturday’s classifications and avoid the traffic that spoils the fast lap of many drivers as happened to Fernando or ‘Checo’ on this occasion.

“I love Monaco. Because it’s Monaco. It’s Saturday. So get all the free practice ready for that one lap. But unfortunately, with these cars, with this downforce, the bigger problem traffic. If we have to change something about Monaco, it’s not Sunday. Sunday in Monaco is what it is. “But we should all be back on Saturday (without traffic) and that’s not the case, because there is a lot of traffic… the magic of Saturday in qualifying we have to make sure is still there.”.

In this sense, Alonso did not deny that a solution might be to divide the classification into two different groups to reduce traffic. Another option could be a format of one lap per car, as in the past, so that everyone has their chance to have a free track and so that the fans can enjoy the lap attempts of all the star

“The worst car for Monaco”

“I think the cars here are more critical. In the search for more aerodynamic grip and more performance, the cars are harder for everyone to drive. And in our case we don’t get the maximum performance. We learn a lot from difficult weekends and I hope that the next one will be better,” said Fernando Alonso about the current F1 team.

“The current cars are the worst for Monaco, bigger, heavier… F2s are good enough to have an overtaking option. And the tires are too hard for Monaco. We did the whole race with the hard as well as the soft. That’s also the problem with racing. But it is what it is. Monaco you have to accept that today is Saturday, everything is based on Saturday. But it’s also part of the magic of Monaco, coming back on Saturday. And there we didn’t do a good enough job in qualifying,” he concluded.

Source: La Verdad


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