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The end of the course came, and if necessary, the distribution of grades also came. Obviously, since these are not exact sciences, all the tests we do are very subjective, and, therefore, completely debatable. Now, there are aspects that seem worthy of majority consensus when it comes to defining themselves. So, for example, everyone agrees that the almost testimonial contribution of “goal specialists” significantly impeded the team’s development, perhaps preventing it from reaching a higher level.

Faced with such a discovery, the team was forced to reinvent itself, to find formulas that would allow it to achieve the same results, but in different ways. But this requires too much effort for workers, who are forced to change their natural roles to compensate for the aforementioned shortcomings. It is like when having a physical injury to a certain part of the body forces it to reorganize its functions, in order to continue to function properly. That is why, among other reasons, when journalists ask the Real Sociedad coach to evaluate himself, he gives himself a moderate ENOUGH.

And because? Part of the answer was offered to us by the interested party himself, when he realized that he had not got the best out of some of his players. That’s why when Imanol He evaluates his pupils with a generous A…I don’t believe it. You will not recognize that there are missing awards, which you were not able to “exploit” and, immediately afterwards, give them an outstanding rating. And the thing is there are many points and goals that this group can legitimately seek to escape from that sinkhole. So, the most reasonable interpretation of the coach’s words is between two estimates: neither the squad deserves the outstanding rating that can be found in its grade book, or of course it is enough on the merits of the coach.


Tierney opened the exit door

The competition calendar tore out its last page; The time has come to make decisions that will shape the team’s future in the coming months. And there are many issues that football management must address, including Robert Olabe In front. The first one didn’t last long, and the main character himself announced: Kieran Tierney, faithful for Arsenal, has returned to his origins. And the truth is that something different cannot be expected, fundamentally for two reasons, which are more decisive.
The first, the irregular performance offered by the Isle of Man footballer, who was never able to forget the injured player. Aihenand that, in the struggle of the last to come, Javi Galan, was defeated. If we look at the numbers, we can see that Tierney He started the same number of times as, for example, Pachecoa regular substitute or Javi Galan, which arrived four months later. And, on the other hand, the impossible purchase conditions established by Arsenal at the time of the transaction. In other words, a careful transfer of the Scottish footballer to Real Sociedad. Next Please.



Zezena Aramburu

This is, without a doubt, one of the most pleasant discoveries of this late season. Jon Mikel Aramburu He appeared with great strength in elite football, acting without complications, despite his little experience, and earned the respect of his teammates and the admiration of those who stood. His physical appearance and his fighting prowess caused him to be followed.

Odriozola, Kubo's new look


The re-emergence of Odriozola

It won’t be remembered as a great season for the San Sebastian soccer player, because it hasn’t been, but Alvaro He is a real “pure”, and he knows, better than anyone, that
Fine-tuning, after various incidents, takes time. We can say that his “latest works” – and he will understand the slang perfectly – are
enjoyable, and invite optimism. Let’s confirm it!


– For the fourth consecutive season, the same fact is repeated: the position occupied by Real on matchday 31 is the one that will finally remain: this time, sixth.

– La Real is ranked 38th in the UEFA ranking according to the coefficient, which is sixth in the classification of the team representing the League.

– If we only stay in the 2023-24 season, Real will occupy 21st place, with only Real Madrid, Barça and Atlético ahead.

Source: La Verdad


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