Ex-kapellmeister in Lower Austria – director of a music school convicted of abuse


The accused 57-year-old former school director from Lower Austria denied everything at the start of the trial at the Korneuburg Regional Court. And intense. But according to the statements of several victims, the tide is turning.

If you listen to the suspect’s stories on Tuesday in the Korneuburg Regional Court about the music school in Lower Austria, of which he was director, and his brass band, you might think that it was more about sex than about music: “The ladies are not prudish. “You provoke it too,” is just one of the misguided statements the 57-year-old made during the trial. He was always the point of contact for the girls’ sex stories. There was nothing left. The accusations in the criminal complaint are said to be solely the result of an intrigue by his successor.

Seven girls as victims
“Seven girls, all criminally responsible, report such extremely unpleasant things solely to defame them?” asks Mr. Rat. The former bandmaster nods.

The allegations against the man, who was accused in the media of abuse of power, racism and sexual intimidation in 2021 and 2022 before his summary dismissal, date from before this time and are serious: at separate meetings he is said to have made two accusations at the time . taking minors on your lap and then performing sexual acts: “Otherwise you are also a nonchalant person. You should be smart…” ; ‘You are so hot. I would like to go with you…” – Others of the seven now young women say that the director touched them inappropriately on their buttocks or breasts .

“It’s all far-fetched. “It is a close group of friends,” claims the 57-year-old, who is said to have had connections in the highest political circles.

Witnesses accuse 57-year-old who is obliged to tell the truth
“The perpetrator’s awareness of injustice leaves much to be desired,” says victim representative Manfred Arbacher-Stöger. After the musicians accused him as witnesses behind closed doors, the man managed to confess the facts. He is sentenced to six months and a fine of 7,200 euros for violating sexual self-determination and abuse of authority. The victims receive compensation. Not legally binding.

Source: Krone


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