Healthy self-criticism of UD Las Palmas: there was a drunken ego and a ghost in the Primera


Healthy self-criticism of UD Las Palmas: there was a drunken ego and a ghost in the Primera

Learn from past mistakes. The president of UD Las Palmas, Miguel Angel Ramirez, this Tuesday thanked the collective efforts of the staff and technical team of the 35th season of the yellow team but pointed out that in the 36th there will be nuances: no ego. Challenge for LaLiga EA Sport 2024-25: “40 points to return to permanence, with our feet on the ground,” he said.

Ramírez assured on Tuesday that in the next season starting this summer of 2025 in LaLiga EA Sports, one of the things he will prioritize will be self-intoxication which, in his opinion, is what may have weighed on the yellow team in the second round.

In his opinion, “the team underwent a very tired“in the first round and the rivals know how to find “our weaknesses” and “we don’t know how to overcome those shortcomings.” The results between January and February “they made us lose our moisture“. That if Kirian and Valles went to the Spanish National Team or the renewal of García Pimenta would have been more news than the goal of permanence itself.

We have to learn. “We can’t look at our rivals,” said Ramírez. UD Las Palmas set a goal of 40 points “and when it got to 35 it was like we fell asleep and it took us 14 games to get five points,” he recalled. “We don’t know how to manage praise and now it’s time to learn so that those mistakes are not repeated next season.

Past imperfect. When the ghosts of playing in the Conference League began and this nonsense was controlled with 37 points in February, that began the descent to the end with 14 games without knowing a win. The lack of victories has created a bad streak already He is on the verge of giving in to fear and finds himself in the middle of a crisis.

From now on, drop the ball and play soft. The yellow team, and with it its fans, must follow the path of permanence because it has no other logic since it will continue with the lowest budget in LaLiga EA Sports in 2024-25. Contrasts: the budget of Real Valladolid in LaLiga Hypermotion has become 60 million euros and of Leganés owned by Blue Crow Sports Group funds of more than 10 million euros.

The UD Las Palmas will again have around 35 million euros of salary mass for the 2024-2025 season and will receive approximately 38.5 million for the television rights. According to its president, the entity will not need to sell any players this summer to balance its budget.

Perfect future. On the sporting level, he added that the club has already closed the team’s new coach, without revealing his identity, as well as seven players, including José Campaña and Marvin Parkwho will continue with the yellow team.

The Gran Canarian leader said that the new coach of the Gran Canaria team He knows Unión Deportiva’s system and philosophy of play, but unlike the outgoing coach, Xavi García Pimienta, he will be “more vertical.”

In addition to Campaña and Park – the Spaniards signed for four seasons, then pay 50 percent of his rights to Real Madrid-, the other five new players have already arrived in Gran Canaria, where they have passed the medical examination, and three other players will arrive who can perform in three attacking positions, as revealed by himself Ramírez.

“At UD Las Palmas we have a game model, a philosophy. The coach makes the lineups and we decide which players he has, because the club makes the squad,” explained the club president.

Did he see or did he see? Ramirez has Jonathan Viera’s return did not go throughnow that García Pimienta is gone, with whom he had a confrontation that made him leave the entity for Almería, but he looks forward to his return to the entity as a coach in the future in chain of subsidiaries.

The head of the Gran Canarian does not want to check many names because he understands that the new coach will decide on their future, but he said that it was announced that there would be ten or twelve casualties from the current squadwhere many of the footballers who will end their contract will not continue, including Eric Curbelo.

However, he made an exception going forward Munir El Haddadias he believes that, although he is an “interesting” player, his continuation will be “very difficult” as he has other offers that the club cannot match.

Regarding the possible departures of players with current contracts, Ramírez assured that at the moment they do not have any offers for him. goalkeeper Álvaro Valleswho is entering the final year of his contract, as Saul Coco.

The club aims to repeat the record number of 25,290 subscribers it had this year, without the possibility of accepting more subscribers, in a new campaign they plan to unveil next week.

Source: La Verdad


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