Jon Uriarte: “I never stop receiving blows from one side and the other”


Jon Uriarte He has complained about the treatment he has been receiving since he publicly announced his candidacy to lead Athletic from June 24, when the election will be held in San Mamés. “Every day I sleep thinking about what message I will find the next day. I couldn’t help but hit from one side and the other. These are things that are not true, cause doubts, are muddy and lead to misunderstanding. It’s not fair play we are experiencing, it’s not good in Athletic, but we have a lot of fights and thick skin, these attacks are what motivate us the most ”, he said in the program ‘How are you’ ng famous radio.

One of these attacks came today because of the alleged affiliation of a member of his party with the VOX political party. Uriarte He denied it outright: “From a Twitter account created in June, a lie was told. We respect all political currents except one. No one on our team supports that fight in any way. No. politics can be mixed with Athletic “.

The trader also specified the words of Inaki Arechabaleta at the same station about his fame as a transformer. “Having a good idea, launching a startup and selling it to a multinational does not change. The true innovator is me who has done it continuously in my professional career”, said the Deustuarra native. “I respect the opinion of Inaki. It says a lot about what he can contribute to the club. I have lived in very complex situations in my professional career. We had to learn at full speed and we were very good. If my career doesn’t give us the confidence to think we can change the club, it surprises me, ”he said.

Uriarte He confirmed that he will have full dedication to Athletic if he is elected president. “I made this step in all laws.” In addition, he described his electoral plate as a “great team”. “We came to add value to the club from day one. None of us have a desire for the opponent, we do it to give everything to the club and we have sensitive aids,” he added.

The candidate reiterated that the member doesn’t always want to see the same faces: “The club needs fresh air, we represent it. Fans need to see new people. We have nothing behind.”

Jon Uriarte appoint a director of sports with full authority. In recent times it has been associated with Mexican Carlos Avina along with his candidacy for this position. “He is one of the people in the world of football. As a result of the news that emerged, I read your profile and found it super interesting. We are not closed to him or anyone, ”he said.

He also specified Paul Fonseca, former coach of Rome. “He’s a top-level coach who has done great things in the past.” In addition, he described as “talented professionals” Valverde, Marcellin either Pochettino when their names emerged as future prospects for the San Mamés bench.

The Asturian has stopped coaching Atletico. “Election dates are what they are and you have to play with those cards. We think that management Marcellin this is not right. We would have liked him on the list of options, but who will be the coach is a decision that the sports director has to make ”, he said. Uriarte is also highly appreciative of the work of Iraia Iturregi in front of the woman.

The candidate who gave the most guarantees confirmed that the Electoral Board and the Management Commission had rejected his proposal to rent buses on election day for members living in towns far from Bilbao.

Source: La Verdad


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