The Jude Bellingham Finale


Little predicted this less than a year ago Jude Bellinghamcame in exchange for more than 103 million euros from Borussia Dortmundwill be in the final of Champions with the real Madridwhich was played in his home, London, and against his former team.

And besides, to all this we have to add what the English player means for real Madrid throughout this season where he has been the leading scorer (23) with important goals and leadership skills rarely seen at his age. For all this, it is clear: this is ‘their’ end.

In fact, he is called to be the main player for everything that surrounds his figure and also because of the top competition in Europe he has not starred in a good night with real Madrid. He did not appear in the quarterfinals before him city or in ‘semies’ against Bavaria where the star is Vini, but what is clear is that this Saturday night all the spotlights will point to her figure.

In Championshas not scored since last November 29 against Naples (4-2) and even though he missed the qualifiers, his season is set to be one of the best of his career so a good night in Wembley This will bring him closer to the fight for the Ballon d’Or where many are counting on him, above all, also for what he can do for England in the Euro Cup.

Source: La Verdad


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