Dortmund will be fined by UEFA


He Borussia Dortmund Not only was it on the verge of winning its second Champions League last night, but it was also exposed today to a financial fine from the highest European football body (UEFA) as a result of the team’s fans using flares at the start of the second half in Wembley Stadium. This incident caused a big smoke in the London stadium.

As stated in the UEFA Disciplinary Code in its article 16 regarding security during matches “Host clubs and national associations are responsible for order and safety in and around the stadium before, during and after matches. All associations and clubs must comply with the obligations specified in the UEFA Safety Regulations. They are responsible for any kind of incidents and may be subject to disciplinary and directive measures, unless they can show that they were not negligent in the organization of the match.“.

He added that “However, all associations and clubs are responsible for the following inappropriate behavior arising from the inappropriate behavior of their supporters and may be subject to disciplinary and directive measures, even if they can demonstrate the lack of negligence in relation to the organization of the match.“.

And among the behaviors that can be punished, that article includes the use of “flare or any other thing“The normal thing is that it will result in a financial fine, as long as the UEFA security coordinator does not include more in his final report.

We’ll also see if the banner displayed by German fans at the clash saying ‘all you care about is money’ was a protest against the future format of the Champions League. The same article considers sending a “provocative” message punishable. UEFA regulations also consider “using a sporting event to send a non-sporting message” punishable.

Source: La Verdad


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