A socialist, a fascist and Rome: the signs of discord in Italy


Two new stamps, one with the effigy of a socialist murdered under the regime of Mussolini and another in tribute to a fascist leader and founder of AS Romasow discord Italywhere there is still no consensus about this period in history.

The release on Thursday of the stamp with the effigy of Beat Foschia leading figure of nationalism before the war, is part of a “constant regurgitation of fascist impulses” by the ultra-conservative majority in power, angering Senator Michele Fina, of the Democratic Party, the main opposition party.

The controversy is further exacerbated by the fact that, starting Monday, yet another seal will meet the Giacomo Matteottia socialist deputy murdered a hundred years ago, whose murderer Foschi congratulated: “You are a hero,” he wrote to Amerigo Dumini, also a member of the National Fascist Party (PNF).

Welcome to the Pantheon of Italy,’ joked La Stampa.

The Turin newspaper understands that the initiative started in Fausta Bergamottoundersecretary of the Ministry (of Business) responsible for the Post Office, and member of Fratelli d’Italia, the leader of the government’s post-fascist party Giorgia Meloni.

Carlo Giovanardi, a member of the ministry’s philatelic advisory committee, which is in charge of selecting personalities from the past who deserve to appear on stamps, protested for not participating in the election of Italo Foschi. “His name appears in the list of those responsible for the persecution of Jews in Veneto,” he pointed out in an article published on the ‘Il riformista’ website.

Contacted AFP, A spokesman for the Ministry of Business emphasized that the stamp only celebrates “the founder of AS Roma. It has no more connotations than sports,” he said, adding that no representative of the ministry attended Thursday’s release ceremony in the morning

Beat Foschiborn March 7, 1884 in Abruzzo (eastern Italy), was active in the Italian Nationalist Association in the 1910s, which merged with the PNF in 1923. He arose in the section of Lazio, in the region of Rome, and became known by participating in violent actions against the opponents of Benito Mussolini.

General secretary of the Roman federation of the PNF, Foschi organized the merger of three football clubs in the capital, which resulted in AS Roma on June 7, 1927, where he became its first president.

To commemorate the 140th anniversary of its birth, AS Roma, whose website makes no reference to the political context in which the club was founded, organized on Thursday the third edition of ‘Italo Foschi Trophy’, a match between two youth teams.

Foschi He died of a heart attack in 1949 while attending a football match.

About Matteotti, Giorgia Meloni paid tribute to him at the end of May, describing him as “a free and brave man who was killed by fascist squad members because of his ideas.”

This is unusual terminology for a woman who, as a young 19-year-old activist, declared on French television in 1996: “I think Mussolini was a great politician, that is, that all his Made for Italy.

When she takes office in 2022, Ms. Melon He declared in Parliament that he had never felt sympathy for regimes like fascism, which ruled Italy from 1922 to 1943 under Benito Mussolini.

However, his party is the heir of the Italian Social Movement (MSI), a party formed by Mussolini’s supporters after the war, and uses its symbol – a tricolor flame – in its logo, from which it was inspired. Jean-Marie Le Pen when he founded the National Front in 1972.

Foschi against Matteotti: the ‘pas de deux’ symbolizes the effort of Georgia Meloni, since he takes office in October 2022, to expand his electorate and gain new respectability on the international scene, without cutting off his most radical militant base.

It needs to send “signals of non-fascist but not anti-fascist democracy”, according to the motto of the post-fascist movement “restore or deny”, Paolo Borioni, historian and professor of Political Science at Sapienza University of Rome, told AFP.

In Rome, a commemorative plaque on the street where Matteotti was killed does not mention the circumstances of his death.

Source: La Verdad


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