Orlando Ortega: “I had to separate myself from my six-month-old daughter to fight to be here”


Orlando Ortega He felt like an athlete again at the Olympic Stadium in Rome, the same place where he achieved his first victory as a Spaniard in the 2016 Diamond League Qualifying for the semifinals of the 110 hurdles of the Cuban-born Spaniard Roma European unexpectedly, after finishing seventh in his series with 13.79, a cautious mark in which he did not expect to advance to the round.

As he exited the mixed zone in front of the press when he was informed that he had passed the round and at that moment he burst into tears. “Getting here was not easy,” he said with tears in his eyes. “Only my wife, my family and my psychologist know what I fought to get here,” he said, shaking with emotion and his voice cracking. “I had to separate myself from my six-month-old daughter to fight to be here and fulfill a dream”he admitted Ortegawho lives and trains in the CAR of Sant Cugat with the goal of regaining the level that allowed him to win Olympic silver in Rio 2016.

The last three seasons have been very complicated for the hurdler, with multiple serious injury in the rectus femoris and the hamstring which forced him to undergo surgery. “I never gave up,” he said. In order to maintain the motivation to continue training, he had to undergo therapy with a psychologist. Tony Martoswho is with him at work every day so that his head does not leave him.

When orlando arrived in Spain, the 110 barrier was orphaned by references and with its arrival a new generation was activated that is now leading Asier Martinez and Quique Llopis, both qualified for the European semifinals directly by ranking. “It is fantastic news that Spain has so many top athletes in the 110 hurdles. I hope I have inspired them with my achievements. Both Asier and Quique are great and I don’t see a ceiling. They can do it achieve everything whatever they propose,” concluded Orlando, who will have to face them to secure a place in the final in Rome (Saturday, June 8 at 10:16 pm).

Source: La Verdad


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