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Baku F1 GP | Sainz in Monaco“With the benefit of hindsight, I’m sure we would have done things differently. Not so much from my side, but maybe from the other side of the garage. For me it was a pretty clear race, I think we hit the nail .on the head with the strategy, we were leading before everyone put on slicks and I think we did the right strategy.And then things like the stop, the gap to Latifi and being stuck behind him for two sectors cost me the win, but from my side … We could have stopped a lap earlier and his room was even bigger than Checo’s but his traffic was different … and a lap later he received an undercut from Checo.to win in F1 everything has to fall on your side and everyone has to go that day. I am confident that I drove well and with a little luck I won the race “.

Baku F1 GP | Gasly, on his future after the renewal of Pérez“Right now, it’s not about looking outside or anywhere. My contractual situation at Red Bull is very clear and I have conversations with Helmut and those in management to see what’s logical for everyone. For to me it is very logical that they renew Checo because something has been very competitive since the beginning of the year.It is not a surprise although it obviously affects me and my career in the coming years.We need to sit down and talk about what’s best for my future.Leaving Red Bull? at the moment, just like I said, we’re talking now and I have nothing more to add.The right decision will be made at the right time.I know why am i here, i know what i want to achieve in F1, i am a competitive guy and the only thing What matters to me is performance.We are drivers and we are here solely to fight for championships, pole positions and victories and that is what pushes me ever y day and why I always go beyond my limits. In the end it is what will mark the difference. But for now I want r to end with Alpha Tauri “.
Sainz, on the Gasly situation and his previous decision to leave the Red Bull umbrella: “It’s not easy, but thanks to Red Bull so I’m in F1. It’s a difficult place to be. Have a good friendship with Helmut and Christian and I only have words of thanks for both of them. It’s a difficult one balance where you want to be and being honest with people who always believe in you.Pierre is a great driver who always gives and it is normal that he has high expectations and wants to find a place where I can fight for wins and pole positions. I understand both positions. ”

Baku F1 GP | Pérez, how important Baku is to him“I’ve always enjoyed Baku, I’ve had good races, although I also have difficult moments. It can be a crazy weekend but I enjoy it and it’s definitely one of my favorite places. I’ll leave you after Sunday if stay that way. ” .

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Baku F1 GP | Ricciardo said he welcomes speculation about his appearance and future.“I think in the end people care and that’s why they talk about me, it’s because people know or believe that I can do better. Talking about my results in the past and me as a driver. People believe in me, I just don ‘ t expect an amazing narrative when I finish 13th either.I like the pressure, it’s good for performance and that’s why I signed up for it.I love it.Success after trouble is always a little sweeter.

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Baku F1 GP | Ricciardo on his bad weekend in Monaco“Looking back on a weekend when you didn’t have a good result … you always looked back and said‘ this and that … ’. I think we started well and were in a good place, but in I think the end passed the week.weeks and a few days later I talked to the team, I was in the factory on Monday in the simulator and I think we did the right job and we went here with some parts that we were going to explore in the car and try to get back to that place. full confidence from here. “

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Baku F1 GP | Pérez wants to repeat the victoryThey ask how the celebration happened. What question after the controversy … “They’re a pretty good celebration,” the Mexican replied. “Getting that success in Monaco is something you dream of as a driver and to do it is very special.”
Two years ago he didn’t know if he would continue and if he would have a seat, and now he has won in Monaco: “In this world, things change quickly from one race to the next. From 0 to hero in two weeks. It’s important to keep pushing and take advantage of opportunities because you never know when the right opportunity will come. ”
About Baku: “In Baku you rely a lot on confidence not to make mistakes. Because if you make a mistake, you will lose a lot of time tracking. Starting on the wrong foot and compromising on your weekend is something that can easily happen. It is important not to get into trouble. ”

Baku F1 GP | Max and Norris, on the possibility of cap the salary of pilotsVerstappen: “Nothing is clear yet, nothing has been decided yet. No one will know where it will go. But for my part, I think, it is completely wrong. F1 is becoming more popular now and everyone is winning, including the teams. So … why do drivers have to limit their salaries when they are the ones risking their lives? For me this is completely wrong. But also, in all junior categories when you see they all have sponsors and take part of their profits in F1 … that’s going to be cappped because the sponsors are never going to get that return on their investment if you put that budget cap in. All junior categories will be hurt and I don’t think that’s what they want to do it. ”
Norris: “I think Max has said it well. I almost didn’t have to think like he thought … (laughs). I think what he said was right, especially for the part about the investment in young drivers.. It’s difficult. to actually get into Formula 1, even with a sponsor, they will obviously want to get their money back at some point, and if you limit a driver’s income, it will be very difficult or fewer people will be interested in investing in those young drivers because they will have few opportunities to get into F1. It’s one of the main elements. I think Max will have given it more thought and what he says sounds good. ”

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Baku F1 GP | Verstappen“I approach this race like everyone else. We need to see in Free Practice what we can do in the car and see where we are. Try to find a better balance and hopefully we will be fast enough to win the race.” Binotto said the goal for 2022 is to be competitive but not to win a championship. What was Max thinking? “We have to focus on ourselves. They are competitive and it’s good for the sport. And we go every weekend to win the races. But it doesn’t change anything what the other team says.”

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Esteban Ocon handed over some of the keys to Baku GP“You need confidence, for sure, especially under braking. We saw a lot of errors under braking in Monaco and here last year. The braking attack after those long directions takes time. “We have 3 training sessions to figure it out before the ‘qualy’ and be able to push there.”

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Esteban Ocon, on Alpine improvements“It’s a very tight group. Many times we’ve qualified in the top 10 and we have speed, but it’s constantly changing. We probably missed some chances to get points on both cars and so we is farther than we should be in the championship.car that has a lot of improvement here and that gives us confidence and we hope it will work.The goal is to be closer to the top but there is a lot of work ahead to do it.Going to that point of The Leading that middle class is hard work. Going to Red Bull and Ferrari is another level. We will try to fight and be on the right side of those opportunities. “

F1 GP Baku | Verstappen continues to blame Pirelli Verstappen was asked at a press conference on Friday at the 2022 F1 Baku GP about the tire explosion he experienced last year in Baku when he was leading. The Dutchman clarified last year that he felt nothing would alert him before the explosion and blamed debris on the track and tires. But Pirelli, after his investigation, confirmed that the blowouts were caused by the use given by the teams to these compounds. A year later, Verstappen was asked if he would do something else and be more conservative in his approach this year “after the failure from last year”: “No, because it wasn’t our fault, so we can’t do anything. Anyway, we have completely different tires this year, so the tires will behave very differently. “

F1 GP Baku | training Baku, despite the fact that this is a relatively new street circuit on the calendar, where it has been running since 2016, things are always happening, and many of them are unforgettable. Here seen
Ricciardo and Verstappen collided as Red Bull colleagues, Vettel hit him with a car after the ‘Safety Car’ before
hamilton to take justice into his own hands … or last year, an incredible end after a tire burst
Take a walk and the one who became the leader of the race,
VerstappenAfter that, the red flag was displayed and the race was decided on a two-lap sprint finish from a standing start. With that output,
hamilton he slipped a button on the steering wheel and lingered. Won
Perezthat’s in it
F1 Baku GP 2022 wants to reign again to approach the leadership of

F1 GP BAKU | training In the first training sessions of the 2022 Baku F1 GP, teams will start working hard to find the best set-up for their vehicles on a circuit where it is very difficult to find the right balance, as this urban track is very long. (one of them is 2.1 km) and in turn is a very naughty central area, which even has a very narrow curve where only one car fits, passing along the wall of Baku castle.

F1 GP BAKUWelcome to Baku F1 GP. Everyone in Baku (Azerbaijan) is ready for the action to begin on the track at the start of the first free practice sessions.

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